November 04, 2022

Microsoft unveils powerful new range of Surface accessories

Samantha White
Microsoft Surface Sales Team Leader at Data#3
When new devices hit market, you expect they’ll be accompanied by some shiny new, whiz-bang accessories to accentuate the device experience. And let’s be honest, even if functionally they do much the same as their predecessors, they will probably look nicer, be smaller, provide more collaboration opportunities and maybe come in a range of funky colours… that’s the hope anyway.

So, when the latest 2022 Surface devices were announced to market (hello Surface Laptop 5, Surface Pro 9 and Pro 9 with 5G, and Surface Studio 2+), Microsoft also delivered in the form of a new and improved accessories range (who doesn’t love a good gadget?!). With Microsoft giving lots of attention to the new kids on the block (Surface accessories range), users can now add to their Surface portfolio and build on the immersive experiences with a range of new – and super functional – accessories to make workflows look, sound and feel seamless.

Of course, there’s still the much-loved earlier relased accessories – Surface Slim Pen, premium keyboards, adaptive keyboard kits, headphones, speakers, cameras and more – all certified for Surface devices, alongside a growing range of partner accessories too.

First, let’s take a look at some of the new standouts.

Inclusive technology with the Adaptive Accessories ecosystem 

In an incredible leap forward for digital equality, earlier this year, Microsoft announced their new Adaptive Accessories ecosystem for users who have difficulty using a traditional mouse or keyboard. Designed in partnership with the disability community, these highly lightweight, easy-to-use accessories can be configured, 3D printed and customised to the needs of a wide variety of people regardless of their ability.

The Surface Adaptive Kit allows users to augment keyboards with their own custom setup of wireless buttons and wired switches. Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support, Microsoft Adaptive Hub and Buttons or 3D printed tails also allow users to create an ideal setup and customise mice and wireless buttons with programmable inputs. In a very exciting collision of technologies, the selection of mouse tails, button toppers, and grips for the Microsoft Business Pen can be 3D printed through Microsoft’s 3D printing partner. Talk about personalisation and customisation to the nth degree. I keep seeing Microsoft using the tagline “Design with Purpose” and by delivering products such as the Surface Adaptive Kit, it shows they truly are living that vision.

Take a look at the video below, showing how Microsoft is empowering all users to create their ideal setup, increase productivity, and use their favourite apps more effectively.

Microsoft Presenter+, the first presentation control to be certified for Teams

Another new accessory designed to work with Surface devices is the Presenter+, a Bluetooth-powered remote control that integrates with Teams and other presentation applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, and Keynote. You don’t need to be presenting on a stage in front of an audience of hundreds, to need a remote presentation tool. This new hand-held device lets users effortlessly skip through slides, mute and unmute during calls, use a pointer to direct audiences’ attention, quickly join meetings and navigate Microsoft Teams with customisable buttons. Who knew a remote presentation tool could be used for so much more than just advancing slides! I will definitely be adding this to my accessory bag sooner rather than later!

Microsoft Presenter Plus

Quality meetings with Microsoft Audio Dock

I can hear you asking already – why do you need an audio dock when Surface devices come with built-in stereo speakers, mics, and sometimes a headset jack? The answer is simple – if you want to up the sonic stakes during online meetings, then the Microsoft Audio Dock is your best friend. Featuring four ports (HDMI, USB-C x 2, USB-A) and power pass-through, this accessory includes Omnisonic speakers for premium audio, dual noise-reducing microphones, and integrated meeting controls for playing, pausing and controlling the volume. Like Presentation+, the Microsoft Audio Dock is not only perfect for using during Teams Meetings – it’s also certified! Tick, tick and tick!

More options in the Designed for Surface range

While you may be familiar with Surface accessories, such as Surface Pen, Dial, and docking stations, what you may not know is that beyond the Microsoft-designed pieces, there is a whole raft of officially licensed ‘Designed for Surface’ accessories that provide even more options for kitting out your Surface fleet. All third-party accessories are developed and tested to ensure proper fit, function, and quality standards – the accessories need to be just as reliable, user friendly and beautiful to look at, as your device itself.

Getting back to days in the office, or on the road, you need to be able to carry and protect against scratches and damage with fitted cases and sleeves that will extend the life and usefulness of your Surface device. Here are some great options!

STM Goods is known for its high-quality laptop bags, packs, fitted cases and screen protectors, and they have several product lines that offer sleek and rugged protection for Surface devices. For example, their Dux range features tempered glass to protect Surface touchscreens. Or the Myth range of backpacks, briefs and sleeves provide padded/suspended and protective storage.

Targus takes protection to the next level with Surface cases and sleeves featuring hardened polycarbonate shells able to withstand drops and provide antimicrobial protection for a cleaner, more hygienic device.

Kensington‘s Surface range includes ruggedised cases and security features such as privacy screens, cable locks and authentication peripherals. Kensington trackballs are a particular standout for power users like architects and designers.

Panzer Glass’ range of accessories protects Surface screens from scratches and scuff marks. Or PanzerGlass Privacy features protect the content on the display from prying eyes.

The wrap

As I said at the outset, with Microsoft giving lots of attention to the Surface accessories range, users can now add to their Surface portfolio and build on the immersive experiences with a range of new – and super functional – accessories.

From their Adaptive Accessories ecosystem to controllers that better support hybrid meetings, the latest round of Surface accessory enhancements has proven that Microsoft takes note of its users and designs accessories accordingly.

If you’re ready to upgrade your fleet, speak to a Data#3 device specialist about your end-user needs, and we will point you towards compatible accessories that will deliver the consistent, streamlined, and simplified experience exemplified by the Surface device line-up.

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