July 20, 2023

Host more productive meetings with Poly’s range of Teams Rooms optimised hardware 

Matt McAuley
Collaboration Specialist

If you’re anything like us, you probably spend the majority of your workday in Microsoft Teams. With the rapid shift to hybrid work, it’s more important than ever to have access to tools that make anywhere collaboration a seamless experience. 

Applications for virtual meetings have been implemented and improved rapidly in recent years, meeting the sudden market demand for collaboration tools that work both remotely and in the office. Suitable hardware hasn’t developed at quite the same rate, however. This has resulted in a disjointed scenario where we’re trying to use sophisticated remote collaboration applications on whatever devices we have available, such as our laptop or mobile phone (how many times do you think you’ve said the sentence ‘you’re on mute?’).  

It isn’t ideal for productivity – no one wants to miss out on valuable information because of inadequate technology. That’s why Poly has designed a range of devices aimed at optimising the Microsoft Teams experience in-office, even if some of your meeting’s participants are joining remotely. They’re high-quality hardware solutions that work alongside collaboration technologies to provide a comprehensive and productive meeting experience.  

Power productive meetings from anywhere with Poly’s all-in-one video bars. 

The Poly studio video bars provide a simple way to host better meetings – no computer needed.  

First introduced in 2020, they were previously referred to as collaboration bars before being moved into the Microsoft Teams Rooms collection. They come in three sizes to meet varied needs: the X30 for focus or small rooms, the X50 for medium-sized rooms, and the X70 for large or conference rooms.  

Each video bar is designed to optimise meetings for maximum productivity. Poly has thought of everything when it comes to the small, yet niggling distractions that take away from the impact of your meetings.  

Poly’s Teams Rooms devices enable you to: 

Have complete control over your calls. 

The Teams Rooms devices make controlling your Microsoft Teams calls as simple as a single tap. Poly’s TC8 intuitive touch interface for the Poly Studio X family helps you stay in control of every meeting you host. No more worrying about how to launch the meeting, or if everyone’s able to participate when they want to – you can fully concentrate on the information you need to deliver to your team. 

The TC8 features an 8” high-resolution touch display, a clear and user-friendly layout, and optional native partner control experiences. It’s compatible with both the X30 and X50 video bars. 

Host immersive and inclusive calls for your whole team. 

User friendly, immersive, and inclusive technology tools are imperative to hosting collaborative discussions that everyone can contribute to. Poly’s Teams Rooms devices utilise advanced artificial intelligence technologies to deliver a great meeting experience for your team. 

The audio and video innovations of the Teams Rooms collection bridges the gap between the remote office and the physical one, for collaboration that’s just as effective as if you were all in the same room. It utilises noise block AI technology to reduce background noises and eliminate distractions – so there’s no need to panic if your dog starts barking in the middle of an important presentation. Poly’s Acoustic Fence feature creates a defined meeting zone that eliminates distracting or outside noises, making it easier than ever to collaborate with your co-workers anywhere, anytime. 

Hosting a large-scale meeting and want to make sure it’s still an immersive experience? The X70 video bar offers a 4K dual camera for greater visibility and clarity – even if it’s a whole-of-office conference.  

Keep meetings focused. 

Poly’s DirectorAI feature provides a full view of meeting participants whilst simultaneously tracking and framing speakers. The group framing and speaker tracking features automate your meeting’s focus and streamline the conversation, so you can focus on more important things. 

Whether you’re having a collaborative discussion, or only one or two people are presenting most of the information, this feature makes it clear who’s speaking and keeps the conversation on track. It provides an experience that replicates a real-life conversation without everyone having to be in the same room. 

Gain intelligent insights into your collaboration tools. 

Collecting data and analysing trends are important for making sure you’re getting the maximum benefits out of your technology investments. Poly Lens make gaining intelligent insights into your collaboration tools easy. Partnered with the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre, this feature gives your IT team visibility and control over Teams Rooms on Android, so they can gather valuable information, deploy and configure devices, and implement updates where necessary. 

Interested in seeing how Poly’s Teams Rooms device range can help you host better meetings? 

If you’re in need of hardware that gives you a simple way to host engaging remote meetings, the Teams Rooms device range provides the solution. Get in touch with us today to discuss further.