Evaluating the Business Case for Microsoft Surface

It seems these days, nothing happens within an organisation without a business case. With increasing scrutiny and constraints around time, budget and scope, an amplified emphasis is being placed on results, and the business outcomes a project delivers.

Outfitting employees with the right tools for the job has never been more critical. IT teams are looking for ways to increase security, manage devices in the evolving hybrid workplace, and deliver powerful experiences that increase productivity for all employees, no matter how geographically dispersed.

So, the question then becomes, what value will an organisation and its employees receive by rolling out a fleet of premium, best-in-class devices – how does up to 2.8x ROI with Surface + Microsoft 365 sound?

To justify the hardware and software expense required for the maximum benefits of a premium device fleet, recent research from IDC demonstrates that when leaders choose Surface and Microsoft 365, the return on investment is greater than the sum of their cost (up to 2.8x).

Between direct savings, IT efficiency, and employee experience, coupling Surface and Microsoft 365 doesn’t just provide savings compared with other devices – it creates new possibilities, one device at a time.

“The Surface is a more premium device in our employees’ perception. When they see people holding Surface devices, using them, it does help with employee satisfaction and keeping employees around or attracting talent.”

Surface devices unlock new possibilities for employees to get everyday work done faster so they can focus on the bigger picture. They also empower IT to find new time and cost savings to advance digital innovation.

It’s much more than just speeds and feeds. Laptops designed by Microsoft empower employees to feel and do their best work—from anywhere. At the same time, they simplify device management and IT support.

Over three years, your business could create new value that more than doubles your investment per device. Suddenly, the decision isn’t one that needs much consideration at all, right?

Surface Value Grid

Surface Value Grid



Work with Microsoft’s worldwide Surface+ Partner of the Year

Data#3 is Microsoft’s largest Australian Surface partner. Our unrivalled experience improving device fulfilment and implementation for our clients, Data#3 will help you end the frustrations associated with device sourcing, deployment and warranties. We even offer training and adoption services to upskill your people on their new devices, to ensure the greatest return from your investment.

To find out more about Microsoft Surface devices please get in touch with a Surface Solution Specialist.

Contact a Surface Specialist here:

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