The Pursuit of Digital Transformation

Did you know?

  • 47% of CEOs are being challenged by the board to make progress in digital business.1
  • Every dollar invested in innovation will require an additional $7 in IT execution, which vendor management leaders will have to manage.2
  • 37% of IT projects fail due to lack of properly skilled teams.3
  • On average, IT downtime costs businesses $1.55 million every year.4

In this eBook:

Organisations large and small, public and private, are undergoing a digital transformation with profound implications for technology and the way people work.

Digital transformation requires a top-down, whole-of-business strategy with skilled and effective execution.

The good news is that you do not need to tread this path alone. It makes sense to assess expertise and skills in-house, and augment those skills with the experience of experts who have done it before – and have the scars to prove it.

This eBook will provide practical insights into the expertise and services you may need to support you on your organisation’s digital transformation journey.


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