Bring order to maintenance contract chaos

Today’s IT infrastructure is increasingly diverse and distributed – which means it is increasingly more complex to manage and maintain. However, few IT teams have the time to spend tracking their IT infrastructure or support and warranty entitlements, which can lead to lost hardware, missed upgrades, lapsed support contracts and as a result, your business pays the price.

Gartner finds that effective management of hardware can cut your Total Cost of Ownership by up to 45%1.

As speed and agility become imperatives in the way we do business today, managing infrastructure using spreadsheets and thousands of line items isn’t a best practice approach. You need a way to alleviate the administrative tasks of infrastructure management, while gaining valuable, actionable insights.

Get smarter infrastructure management with the Data#3 Hub.

You asked for a better way to manage infrastructure and we listened. Data#3 created a solution that is designed to:

  • Stop wasting time searching for information scattered across systems
  • Proactively maximise infrastructure lifecycles
  • Mitigate service availability risk in aging infrastructure
  • Simplify and accelerate the support process
  • Access pricing, budgeting advice and live chat with experts

The result is the Hub – a purpose-built lifecycle tool that consolidates all your Data#3 vendor contracts, devices and data into the one real-time, cloud-based system. Hosted on Microsoft Azure in Australia, the Hub provides smart dashboards behind a single pane of glass, to track devices, submit support requests, verify support and warranty terms and more.

The Hub, combined with Data#3’s Advanced Maintenance Services, transforms vendor support velocity and visibility to support better business outcomes.

Take a look at how the Hub can simplify your maintenance

Six Benefits of Using the Hub

1. Device Lifecycle Management

Did you know, a five year old PC costs twice as much to maintain as a new one2?

It’s crucial to know the key milestones of your hardware, your support and warranty entitlements, to identify the most economical time to replace, renew or update.

The Hub provides immediate and easy access to all the detailed information you need to monitor and manage the lifecycle of your infrastructure.

Go from query, to knowing, to action in seconds, and log support requests straight from the hardware detail page.

2. Transparent Maintenance Coverage

Transparency enables you to make informed decisions, be accountable for your device fleet and leverage your full entitlements.

All Data#3 maintenance contracts are 100% vendor backed and you can view the vendor maintenance coverage for every single device purchased. Use the Hub to query both Data#3 and vendor-specific data to visualise your infrastructure and coverage details.

For instance, the Hub can access real-time Cisco records and return confirmation of coverage back to you within seconds!

3. Self-Service Budgeting Advice

Are you setting your budget at the start of the year, but your support expires in October?

Planning your budget with confidence, even months in advance, is no longer a difficult scenario. The Hub makes it easy to view indicative budget advice at any point in time, for instance the expected cost to renew your Cisco support contract with Data#3.

4. Consolidated Contract Management

Most businesses have a variety of vendor hardware in their environment, from end user devices, to servers, routers, video conference equipment and more.

The Hub unites disparate vendor systems so you can track all your equipment and services contracts under maintenance from Data#3 from one place. Search by name, model or serial numbers to identify specific units and log issues efficiently.

The Hub can also provide recommendations on the support process for an exact vendor and model, offering you quick access to details required to contact vendors at a moment’s notice.

5. Smarter Support

Support is fragmented historically. The Hub’s automated intelligent dashboards not only consolidate your data and support logs into one convenient view, they also analyse your end-to-end environment to offer new insights previously unrealised. Identify problem technologies, track metrics around time to resolution, understand where issues arise to inform training and improve the support experience.

Additional integration with key vendors provides smarter and more connected support. For example the Hub integrates with Cisco support to intelligently route critical support cases – regardless of whether you purchased support from Data#3 or Cisco directly.

6. Vendors, Integrations and Live Help

The Hub simplifies your infrastructure management by uniting information from numerous industry-leading vendors. Click here to see a full list of Data#3 partners or submit an enquiry below to learn exactly who participates in our Hub service.

The Hub also offers users additional convenience through seamless integration with Genesys Predictive Engagement, Cisco Webex Teams and ServiceNow platforms.

Sometimes your queries require a personal touch, connect with our Customer Success Engineers instantly via live chat. They’re available 9am-5pm, five days a week, to users of any size contract, to answer any questions you may have.

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“Data#3 Maintenance Services have saved Holcim time and money by continually providing high quality data in the preparation stages of a solution and this saves Holcim from having to spend additional resources in validation and fact finding.”

– Andrew Hiscox, IT Operations Manager, Holcim Australia

Maintenance Reimagined

Let us help you end the frustrations, inefficiencies and ambiguity in your infrastructure and support maintenance. The Data#3 Hub is the industry’s only solution designed to simplify infrastructure maintenance and contract management across vendors. It will revolutionise your vendor support and ensure you maximise infrastructure investments while mitigating service availability risk.

Join hundreds of Data#3 customers already leveraging the Hub and simply your infrastructure management today. Contact your Data#3 account manager or submit an enquiry below to request more information.


1 Gartner Inc. (2008, March 10). Gartner Says Effective Management Can Cut Total Cost of Ownership for Desktop PCs by 42 Per cent. [Online] Available at: http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/636308
2 Wipro Consulting (2009, May). Using Total Cost of Ownership to Determine Optimal PC Refresh Lifecycles. [Online] Available at: http://site.canadianbusiness.com/intel/pdfs/Using_TCO_Determine_Lifecycles.pdf


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