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Data#3 DaaS
DaaS: Why Now is the Right Time to Make Your Move

From small businesses to large corporations, through every industry sector, IT professionals have been among the unsung heroes of the…

Microsoft Fast Study
Microsoft Fast Study: Zero Touch Deployment

Foreword By Chris Bright, General Manager, Device Partner Sales, Microsoft Australia and New Zealand Over 100…

Deciphering Device as a Service

The notion of Device as a Service (DaaS) is creating the same sort of confusion that the concept of…

Microsoft Surface Go - Video Review
Microsoft Surface Go – Day One Review

Ultra portable weighing only 522 grams, the Microsoft Surface Go is a no-compromise laptop in a 10″ tablet. See Data#3…

Unboxing the Microsoft Surface go text card
Unboxing the Microsoft Surface Go

Join Data#3 Device Specialist, Jesse Lee, as he unboxes the brand new Microsoft Surface Go. The perfect device for students…

Surface Pro LTE – a new degree of mobile flexibility

As a Microsoft Device Specialist, I spend a lot of my time helping customers to select the right Microsoft Surface.

Switch to Surface with Data#3 device fulfilment services
Switch to Surface with Data#3 device fulfilment services

Take a behind-the-scenes look into our Brisbane Integration Centre and understand how Data#3 device fulfilment services can streamline and simplify your device…