Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

From wayfinding to internet of things (IoT) projects, Data#3 wireless networks have you covered.

Whether you’re in the office, or working in an operational environment, connecting on-the-go has never been more important. Organisations are more efficient, and create more valuable data, when they enjoy strong, secure network connection everywhere.

Creating a Better Experience

Wireless networks are no longer just about allowing greater mobility. Today’s wireless technology is driving a host of meaningful new services that make your workplace more efficient and create stronger customer experiences. For larger locations, wayfinding services are especially helpful, recognising customers as they arrive on-site and guiding them; whether you’re helping them to find a specialist’s office or the perfect fashion choice. Expensive equipment, meanwhile, can be tagged so that workers find it wherever it’s located, even on the largest campuses.

Understanding Users

Every interaction with a customer or employee device creates data, and that data can help organisations gain a valuable picture of user behaviour. Organisations use this insight to predict needs, understand interests, and guide customers. In a shopping centre, this means welcoming customers individually with offers that relate to their interests, while at a school it’s the ability to know exactly which students are in any location during an emergency, or when their parents arrive to collect them. The right wireless networks collects this data for you.

Secure and Efficient

Modern wireless technologies recognise and secure users of every type, no matter what device they are using, allowing secure access to approved systems, while preventing unauthorised access to sensitive data. This secure access management is automated, making it fast and simple for the IT department and every user.

Next Steps

Data#3 works with leading wireless experts, including Cisco and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to create secure, tailored wireless solutions that get the best result in every environment. To learn more or to speak with a Data#3 specialist, contact us today.


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