Security Assessments

Security Assurance

A best-practice approach to cybersecurity includes having a current, intimate knowledge of your assets, while regularly undertaking assessments of your network perimeter, applications, data, and internal systems.

At a minimum, this should include independent assurance tests that take place annually, or after significant changes to infrastructure, applications, or personnel.

As experienced cybersecurity practitioners, Data#3 utilises our extensive knowledge and pragmatic, bespoke testing for specific technology platforms with your business requirements in mind.

Our approach to security testing is based on 20+ years of experience and aligns with industry standards to leverage Offensive Security’s practice guidelines and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodologies.

To help your business stay one step ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats, we offer the following assurance services:

Data<sup>#</sup>3 Security Assessments

Data#3’s Vulnerability Assessments are passive, non-destructive tests that search for vulnerabilities without attempting exploitation. In this non-invasive test, we evaluate physical, technical, logical and administrative controls while providing observations, potential risks and impacts, and recommendations.

These assessments are intended to be a point-in-time view of your present security posture. As part of the engagement, we will also deliver a roadmap for a more secure environment.

Penetration Tests are vulnerability assessments taken to “the next level”. Unlike a Vulnerability Assessment, these are active and potentially disruptive tests that are designed to actively attempt the exploitation of discovered vulnerabilities.

The engagement consists of planning, reconnaissance, and vulnerability analysis, as well as attack modelling, exploitation, and post-exploitation actions

Health Checks are evaluations of specific systems and technologies, such as firewalls, wireless networks, applications, and servers with the goal of determining their current performance and security footprints against industry and vendor best practices.

These engagements can be tailored to also evaluate your current cybersecurity posture against a set of requirements and frameworks to help achieve compliance. These may include Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Essential Eight, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and others.

All assessments include a summary of recommendations and details related to the observations, risks, impacts, and recommendations for each area assessed.

We will provide the report electronically for internal review, and will then schedule an in-person presentation where you may speak with the assessor directly to ask questions and determine next steps.

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