The Internet of Things to Advance Your Business

From cameras and drones to smartphones and sensors, your customers, staff and suppliers connect with a vast array of devices daily. This internet of things (IoT) is transforming every aspect of our lives, at home, work and on-the-go. For businesses, IoT represents an enormous opportunity, with 49% of IT executives saying it plays a key role in their digital business strategy*.

What Can IoT Do for You?

Our customers are employing IoT in exciting and innovative ways. For a health provider, IoT enables body-worn devices to send patient information, so that key surgical staff can be prepared and offer the best outcome. It means that expensive assets are tagged, making them easy to find on a large campus, saving staff time and lowering costs. A food manufacturer uses sensors to monitor refrigeration conditions and alert to problems. For a mining company, IoT offers the ability to locate all staff precisely in an emergency. Whatever your business, IoT can play an important role in your digital transformation.

More than Just Devices

Employing well-chosen devices offers immediate benefit, but one important part of the picture is often overlooked. Every device is creating data, 24/7, and with the right technology and processes, it can add exceptional value. Our data scientists and consultants work with the best technologies from industry leaders such as Microsoft and Cisco to translate that raw data into business value. Using machine learning and analytics, they can predict when to maintain equipment to prevent production shutdowns, or what part of the hospital process can be adjusted to improve patient outcomes.

Securing IoT

While IoT can bring tremendous value, it is important to recognise that it can increase risk unless managed appropriately. Every connected device represents a potential access point for increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals. The risk can be mitigated through strong processes and modern technologies designed to secure IoT from the device and network to the application. A robust security strategy leaves you free to confidently enjoy the benefits of IoT.

Getting More Business Value from IoT

While some organisations may be preparing to introduce new devices, others may be already grappling with how to get the best value from their investment. We work with each customer’s unique situation to determine which devices give the most important business outcomes. Aside from specialists in technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, and Cisco IT-OT networking, our IoT team also includes experienced business consultants and data scientists, combined with our industry-leading security practice. Whether you’re starting on a small budget or already using many devices, you can expect the same focus on delivering genuine business value.

Adelaide City is harnessing the power of people and technology for a better future

See how a major smart city pilot is designed to reduce traffic congestion in South Australia’s capital and create the foundations for the deployment of autonomous vehicles on busy roads. To learn more about this innovative project, click here to read the news story.

Cisco IoT/OT Solutions

Cisco ground-breaking IoT/OT solutions are designed to turn the potential of connected devices into valuable operational outcomes that increase operational resiliency. Analysis of the data from cameras, sensors, vehicles and a host of other devices is performed using edge computing capabilities, substantially reducing networking costs, and preventing latency from hampering the efficiency of modern applications.

Cisco IoT/OT solutions are designed to enable management of operations securely from anywhere, as though you were on-site. The insights gained from often underused IoT-generated data can be used to reduce downtime and operational costs, while improving workplace health and safety. As a Gold Partner with Cisco Master Certifications, Data#3 is an Australian leader in the Cisco IoT/OT portfolio, with a wealth of experience designing IoT/OT solutions for industries as diverse as agriculture, mining, transport and government. Talk to us today about boosting resilience and intelligence with Cisco IoT/OT technology.

Next Steps

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*1. * IDG (2018). Understand How Organizations Evolve to a Digital Business Model. [Online] Available at:


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