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There’s no doubt as to the increasingly vital role data plays in a modern organisation. With the right data, businesses can make sharper and more proactive decisions, more accurately predict outcomes, and more effectively meet employee and customer needs.

Yet, while most businesses have an incredible amount of data at their disposal, few are leveraging it to its full capacity. Many also don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the right technology.

This is where an Azure Data and Analytics solution from the experts at Data#3 can help. Leveraging our deep knowledge of Azure, as well as our purpose-built Data Journey Map Framework, we can help you plot a path to insights and innovation.

“80% of business leaders report struggling to become mature users of data and 55% report data silos and data management difficulties as roadblocks1.”

What do you want to achieve with data and analytics?

Whether you’re just starting out with data and analytics, want to fine-tune your existing solution, or are looking for a completely new and innovative approach, our team can recommend a suitable solution. We also offer a range of assessments and workshops to help you get started.

Which option best suits your business?

1. Data Journey Alignment Workshop

“I need a high-level plan for approaching data and analytics.”

Today, there is no lack of need – or desire – to embark on new data and analytics initiatives, but many organisations are unsure as to how to begin the journey. In our own research, we found that 80% of customers reported ‘knowing where to start’ as a key problem .

With this initial half-day assessment, our expert team will work with you to understand how you are currently using data and analytics, what you want to achieve, and which solutions are the best fit in helping you get there.

We will run an in-depth workshop session to help you determine the desired ROI, and make a plan for implementing the technology that’s the right fit for your business. This half-day workshop is available to existing Azure customers and is typically conducted virtually. *Terms and conditions apply.

2. Data Innovation Studio

“I want to develop a detailed data and analytics roadmap.”

Once you have decided to invest in data and analytics, the next step is to prepare a solid roadmap for how you will get there.

This is where our Data Innovation Studio service can help.

Through a series of interviews and workshops, we leverage our purpose-built framework, the Data Journey Map, as well as our design-thinking techniques, to help you develop a roadmap that can help you in planning in your end-to-end journey.

This service includes:

  • A high-level assessment of your current data estate to assess your technical capability.
  • A design-thinking Innovation Workshop with your business stakeholders to focus on the business problems, as well as the transformation opportunities.
  • A Data Adoption Roadmap for your organisation, which combines the findings from the assessment and Innovation Workshop. This also outlines a high-level roadmap of prioritised activities aligned to the Data Journey Map.
  • A presentation of the report to project stakeholders.
  • A technical workshop to help convey the architectural considerations as part of developing the future roadmap.

3. Data Estate Assessment

“I need an in-depth review of our data estate and approach.”

Your organisation depends on the data contained within your data estate. However, what is the current state of your database environment? When was the last time you had an independent check-up? Are your databases performing reliably? Are you looking to do more with your data?

Research indicates that 30% of customers have just one (or fewer) people managing data across their entire organisation, and that less than 15% of customers have a business continuity plan in place for their data assets .

Whether you’re looking for a health check to ensure your data environment is optimised or want a technical/economic assessment to build a business case for transitioning your data workloads to Azure, this in-depth assessment can help.

This service can include:

  • (For customers wanting a health check) a report on the current state of your SQL servers, including a set of recommendations for remediation.
  • (For customers who are looking to modernise to Azure) an analysis of your databases and a review of your performance metrics. We analyse this in our toolset to provide a conceptual technical architecture and cost model.

We’re able to incorporate both into a single technical assessment, and if required, review your application workloads as well.

Overcome skills gaps

30% of customers have one (or fewer!) people managing data across their entire organisation. By outsourcing to our expert team, there’s no need to upskill or source resources internally.

  • Fully outsourced
  • Expertise you can count on
  • No need to upskill, retrain or source new team members

Unlock valuable data

By outsourcing your data and analytics to us, you get the peace of mind that we will solve any daily operational problems and constraints to ensure you are maximising the value of your data.

  • Optimise data collection
  • Remove blockages and hurdles
  • Ensure continuous improvement

Clear roadmap

Often, when it comes to data and analytics, organisations lack a clear view or roadmap for data adoption. By using our Data Journey Map, our team will help identify your needs and put a suitable roadmap in place.

  • Understand where you are at now
  • Create a clear path for the future
  • Set measurable objectives

Why Data#3?

Data#3 has the deep expertise your business needs to maximise its investment in data and analytics. Leveraging our purpose-built Data Journey Map and design-led thinking, we are able to put the systems, processes and technology in place to answer three key questions: What has happened? Why has it happened? What is likely to happen?

Azure experts: Microsoft’s largest Australian partner

Through our competencies as an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, our Advanced Specialisation in Windows and SQL Server Migration, and as a Gold Data Platform and Gold Data Analytics partner, we can provide the Microsoft expertise you need to get the most out of your data.

Microsoft Partner

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