Software as a Service

Essential Enterprise – the way SaaS should be

With software licensing and support one of the key expenditures of modern organisations, Software as a Service (SaaS) offers enormous opportunities for managing cost and changing needs. Using our unique expertise in software license management, we have developed an approach to SaaS especially to suit Australian organisations.

For today’s corporate and government environments, software provisioning plays a vital role in business agility and speed to market. As the way in which organisations consume technology changes, the benefits of cloud have to be balanced with the need for data to remain within Australian jurisdiction.

Data#3’s SaaS hosts software and associated data within Data#3’s Australian-based Cloud platform, offering on-demand software for a low monthly per-user cost. Customers can provision software rapidly, scaling almost instantly to adjust to changing needs. Implementation and support costs are predictable and low. Turnaround for projects can be almost immediate, supporting business innovation in real time.

Software as a Service options include:

  • Essential Exchange, to allow organisations to securely outsource their messaging platform, with email and collaboration software consumed on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Essential SharePoint to drive collaboration across diverse locations, enabling more efficient practices and greater productivity while drastically reducing management pain.
  • Essential Lync helps your business to connect, communicate and collaborate from virtually anywhere, supporting effective teams whatever their location.

Data#3’s SaaS makes software deployment faster and more reliable, with guaranteed 99.99% availability. The low monthly per-user fees let you divert costs accurately to appropriate cost centres and make individual projects and departments accountable for actual expenses.

Backed by our skilled 24/7 Essential Support Centre (ESC), Data#3’s SaaS gives you the flexibility and freedom to drive your business goals, secure in the knowledge that your on-demand software will support you every step of the way.

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