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Working out how, what and when to migrate workloads to Azure can be hard, we’re here to help

As you move more workloads to Azure, new complexities and new opportunities arise. How do you know which applications and workloads to migrate to Azure? After identifying the ones you want to move, how do you actually move them? Some need refactoring, others need upgrading. Further, any apps have interdependencies with other apps which muddy the migration waters even more.

There are also additional tasks to consider, like managing and tagging workloads, to accurately track your cloud consumption and cross-charge business units. Not to mention the pressure of avoiding unforeseen issues that could jeopardise business continuity.

We’re here to help you tackle the challenges and make the most of Azure’s powerful capabilities, so that you maximise your investment in the platform.

From migrating and modernising workloads, to rationalising and optimising your application portfolio, we’ll show you how to embrace the possibilities of serverless computing and build agile systems in which IT is the true champion of innovation.


Stage 3

“Migrate and modernise”

Azure Migration and Modernisation

A simple lift-and-shift of VMs to Azure won’t unlock the true power of cloud. To realise real value, you need to strategically modernise critical applications and start using cloud native services.

As the only partner in Australia with both the Azure Expert MSP and Azure Modernisation Factory certifications, Data#3 will guide you through mitigating risks, like app dependency, cost blow-outs and security, getting you to where you need to be with Azure faster.

Azure Security

It can take up to 206 days to discover a data breach, at an average cost of $8.7 million1. Add to this the fact that there is a cybersecurity skills shortage, and many businesses are really struggling with cloud security.

Data#3 can help you implement and manage Azure Sentinel SIEM, an AI-driven solution that automatically responds to threats to better protect your cloud and on-premises estate.

Stage 4

“Manage and optimise”

Azure Optimiser

Up to 75% of businesses pay too much for Azure, and many Azure environments suffer from security, governance or regulatory compliance flaws.

Our Azure Optimiser service fixes these big issues: from cloud visibility and cost optimisation to security, governance and reporting, we help you manage the complexities of Azure with confidence.

Managed Azure

Our Managed Azure service incorporates and extends our Azure Optimiser service to give you complete peace of mind that your Azure environment delivers on your business goals.

As Microsoft’s only Australian partner with both an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider Certification and an Azure Modernisation Factory partner, Data#3 is in a unique position to deliver this complete set of cloud managed services.

30% of high-demand roles for emerging technologies will go unfilled through to 20222

94% of organisations are struggling to find the right talent for cloud solutions3

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