Discover how Oracle Database Cloud Service can deliver a solution for your business needs today.

For nearly four decades, Oracle has been delivering innovative database solutions. Their latest offering – Oracle DBCS and Oracle Compute – demonstrates their rich experience with the rapidly evolving business landscape. These PaaS and IaaS solutions cement Oracle’s position as the industry’s #1 database.

  • Test new versions or train staff in test/dev environments that can be spun-up in minutes without paying for on-premises infrastructure or software licenses.
  • Implement full Hybrid Cloud with the ability to shift workloads between Cloud and on-premises infrastructure with a few clicks, a common management platform and with no new database tools or application code changes required.
  • Spin-up database schemas, Pluggable databases (PDP) or full database instances in minutes and run Oracle Application Express and Java applications straight out of the box.


Currently 11g and 12c instances are supported. You have a choice of 4 different packages covering Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition with various bundle database options and service management.

You can migrate your on-premises Oracle database to an Oracle DBCS using a number of different methods based on the version of your on-premises database. For example, you may simply unplug and plug your 12c pluggable database from on-premises to Cloud or backup your database directly to Oracle’s storage Cloud service followed by an IBackup restore in the Cloud.

A good starting point is to pick an instance size that closely matches your on-premises hardware. Oracle DBCS instances come in various shapes of OCPU and memory. An OCPU provides CPU capacity equivalent of one physical core of an Intel Xeon processor with hyper threading enabled. Each OCPU corresponds to two hardware execution threads, known as vCPUs.

Oracle DBCS provides automated provisioning for high availability options such as Oracle RAC and Disaster Recovery options such as DataGuard and GoldenGate replication.

Oracle DBCS provides database snapshot and cloning features along with compute orchestration that makes provisioning of application and database (full stack) easy for DevOps professionals. Besides, integration with Oracle’s Database Cloud Service enables version control of database code and continuous integration at the database tier.

Yes, the user has complete control of the VM and can install 3rd party software. However, Oracle cannot provide support in the case of issues with such software.

Oracle DBCS comes with automated provisioning of database VMs, automated backups, tooling for automated patching and upgrades, instance monitoring console and automated configuration and deployment of high availability features such as Real Application Clusters, DataGuard and GoldenGate replication and instance cloning features to rapidly provision dev/test instances.

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