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Transform your on-premises VMware with Microsoft Azure

Customers of all sizes and across all industries have relied on VMware to reduce costs, ensure business continuity, strengthen security and operate more sustainably for many years. However, now that cloud has well and truly proven itself as a critical business asset to support an ever-changing business landscape, most of these businesses are looking to migrate their VMware from on-premises to the cloud. As such, Microsoft and VMware have joined forces to create the Azure VMware Solution, or AVS.

This innovative solution offers the fastest path to the cloud, and enables you to run VMware workloads natively in Azure. Essentially, it’s VMware as-a-Service, on dedicated infrastructure which is run, operated and also supported by Microsoft. AVS runs your VMware workloads natively on Azure, and allows you to manage and secure your applications across VMware environments and Azure with a consistent operating environment. Plus, you instantly benefit from the built-in continuity, speed, scale and modern infrastructure of Azure.

Hybrid cloud is the key imperative for infrastructure transformation among Australian enterprises in 2021.1

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Is migrating your VMware to the cloud with AVS the right step for your business? If so, where should you start?

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Accelerate Your Cloud Journey With A Solution Workshop

Is migrating your VMware to the cloud with AVS the right step for your business? If so, where should you start? Apply today for a call with our Azure team to see if you qualify for a Microsoft funded solution assessment*.

What’s included?

  • An overview of the AVS fundamentals.
  • Assessment of your current VMware estate.
  • Detailed migration plan, including network design, accurate sizing and expected costs and benefits with Azure Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit.
  • Technical overview of the offering and support on architecting your solution.
  • Assessment summary and next steps briefing.

What will you gain?

  • A thorough understanding of your current estate, and what and how to move.
  • A clear understating of AVS and the associated features and functionality.
  • A migration plan and set of architectural designs for safe and effective migration.
  • A firm understanding of how to integrate AVS with your on-premise environment and take advantage of Azure native services.

*Check your funding eligibility with Data#3.

Fast, easy migration

An AVS solution by Data#3 can accelerate your journey to cloud, eliminating the requirement to re-factor applications in order to become cloud native. This is because AVS is cloud native. Plus, our expert team is there with you every step of the way.

Leverage existing skills

A major benefit of AVS is that there is no need to re-skill employees or provide them with new tools. Instead, you can leverage the same skills and people that you use now to manage you on-premises VMware environment.

  • Familiar management tools
  • No need to up-skill IT staff
  • Eliminate the public-cloud learning curve

Utilise existing licenses

Updating infrastructure licensing as part of a cloud migration can also be a major headache, and a drain on IT resources. With AVS, however, there’s no need to update the licences you have now.

Security and disaster recovery

Experience indicates that security is often compromised as part of a cloud migration, as businesses often fail to follow the same protocols as with their on-premise infrastructure. The AVS integration with Azure simplifies security management, and includes a range of sophisticated security features, including gateway firewall services, advanced load balancing, advanced login and VPN gateway.

  • Full range of sophisticated security features
  • Quick and easy security logging and tracking
  • Simplified security for IT teams

Want to move your VMware to the cloud? Here’s why an Azure VMware Solution is an ideal choice

Here are six reasons to migrate your VMware to the Azure VMware solution with Data#3.


Data#3 offers the expertise and support you need

As Microsoft’s largest Australian partner and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, Data#3 has unparalleled competencies in Azure, licensing, system integration and managed services. Data#3 holds the highest level of partner accreditations across the Microsoft Ecosystem. With expertise that extends from the network and the cloud, to the data centre and workplace, you can rely on our expert team to guide and advise on the best technologies to meet your demands.

Help every step of the way

We can work with you at every step, helping you determine your initial requirements, migrate your VMware infrastructure, and then provide ongoing support as part of a managed services program.

Microsoft Partner

We can assist with:

  • Data centre footprint reduction and consolidation – lift and shift your applications without disruption.
  • Data centre expansion based on demand – helping you control costs and ensure elastic capability.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity – using your VMware stack in Azure as an on-demand disaster recovery site.
  • Application modernisation – migrating first then tapping into the Azure ecosystem to modernise your applications.

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