Systems Management

Consolidated IT systems management

Maximise the efficiency and performance of your IT services, applications and infrastructure with Systems Management solutions from Data#3.

Solution benefits:

  • Consolidate and centralise your IT systems for better management and visibility
  • Streamline and automate processes to maximise efficiency across the organisation
  • Reduce costs and enhance productivity by freeing up internal IT resources
  • Increase visibility over your networks, capacity planning and service levels
  • Improve compliance procedures – auditing, monitoring and reporting
  • Proactive planning, upgrades and maintenance.

Your technology environment is complex – networks, servers, applications, links, routers and devices spanning Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud. That’s why consolidating this environment into one centralised systems management platform can bring significant efficiency and cost benefits to your organisation. Data#3 can show you how.

Consolidate, centralise, streamline.

At Data#3, we design and deploy a Systems Management solution that’s right for you. Whether it’s Private Cloud (on-premise), Public Cloud (off-site) or a mix of both (hybrid model), we can provide you with an on-premises Systems Management solution or take it off your hands.

Through our highly skilled Professional Services team, we can deliver Microsoft System Center to help you self-manage your full IT environment alternatively, our Managed Services team can monitor your applications and infrastructure via a central console to ensure everything runs smoothly and meets your business continuity requirements.

This centralised model of management provides you with improved network visibility regardless of where the systems are located, enabling you to more easily monitor service levels and capacity issues.

What’s more, partial or full outsourcing of your systems management requirements frees up your internal IT resources to focus on core business issues, which in turn helps to maximise efficiency, productivity and availability across the organisation.

A proactive approach to security.

Centralised systems management also delivers the peace of mind you need when it comes to network and data security. 24/7 monitoring helps identify and rectify IT issues before they become a problem; advanced auditing and reporting tools help meet your compliance and risk management obligations; and monitoring, alerting and reporting for automated backup and storage systems ensures that your company data is protected.

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