Network Integration

Seamless network integration

Solution benefits:

  • Improve efficiency, agility and performance
  • Fast, secure and seamless connection to business networks and information
  • Reduce IT costs and complexity
  • Prioritise network usage and applications according to business needs
  • Reliable performance for sound business continuity and risk minimisation
  • Increase visibility and control of network operations
  • Improve compliance procedures – auditing, monitoring, authentication and security
  • Proactive planning, upgrades and maintenance.

Enjoy fast, reliable and secure connectivity across your organisation with Network Integration solutions from Data#3.

In today’s competitive environment, your network infrastructure is more than just an enabler of business operations. It’s the platform upon which you drive efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, make real time decisions and expand to meet growth objectives.

New efficiencies. New opportunities.

As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Data#3 can customise the most efficient and cost effective enterprise network solution to suit your business needs both now and in the future.

From strategy consultation to deployment and operational support, we help ensure that your LAN, WAN and wireless networks provide secure and reliable connectivity throughout your organisation.

We can also tailor a Hybrid Cloud solution that offers seamless integration between your on-premises and hosted applications. Alternatively, let us update your existing network or implement a completely new network solution that helps achieve new levels of business agility, efficiency and performance.

Always on, always accessible.

With the integration of wireless technology and cloud-based applications into core network infrastructure, your people can now enjoy unprecedented mobility and access to business systems and information. This integration not only enhances connectivity and productivity, it also improves user experience and employee satisfaction across the company.

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