Data Centre Infrastructure

Secure your business IT in the cloud

Improve business agility, minimise costs and easily scale technology up or down with Data Centre Infrastructure and Virtualisation solutions from Data#3.

Solution benefits:

  • Improve business agility and flexibility by consolidating your IT environment
  • Reduce cost and complexity by moving from a Capital Expenditure to an Operational Expenditure model
  • Seamlessly scale your technology up or down to meet changing demand
  • Fast and efficient operation of your networks, systems and applications
  • Secure data backup and storage for business continuity and risk minimisation
  • Increase visibility of business performance with 24/7 monitoring and support.

Expensive, cumbersome and complicated, traditional IT infrastructure are becoming a thing of the past. Businesses today are transitioning to virtual IT environments where they enjoy better agility, flexibility and scalability. With extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of Private Cloud, Public Cloud or hybrid data centres, Data#3 provide solutions that align with your business needs.

World-leading data centres.

Our Data Centre Infrastructure solutions enable you to efficiently and securely run your network servers, software applications and business services on-premises or in the cloud.

Save money on expensive infrastructure outlays, reduce IT complexity within your organisation and position your business to capitalise on emerging growth opportunities.

What’s more, we partner with world-leading technology vendors to host your IT platform in highly secure state-of-the-art data centres. These vendors include Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, EMC and APC.

Scale and optimise your IT environment.

Data#3 managed services provide expert systems management to ensure that your data centre infrastructure delivers efficient, reliable and secure performance around the clock.

Alternatively, through the Data#3 Cloud solution we deliver an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model, eliminating the expense associated with buying and maintaining physical hardware, enabling you to scale services up or down to help improve business agility and gives you greater control over costs by only using and paying for what you need.

To learn more about our Data Centre Infrastructure and Virtualisation solutions, call 1300 23 28 23 or complete our online enquiry form.