Staff Augmentation

Finding the right skills for the right project can be a challenge. Especially when you factor in short timeframes, the need for specialised skills, looming deadlines and shifts in project requirements.

Staff Augmentation services will help you to solve these challenges and more.

What is staff augmentation?

Data#3’s Staff Augmentation is a service that provides tailored and tested technical resources. The service takes away the pressures and processes of HR and recruitment, allowing you to deploy an individual or team of contractors to deliver your project successfully, without having to take on an employee directly.

What are the benefits?

• Scale up or down technology projects with ease
• Predictable pricing
• Achieve project outcomes on time and on budget
• Reduce people administration time and costs
• Work with proven individuals with the right skills

A unique approach

At Data#3, Staff Augmentation isn’t just about putting a contractor in place to get the job done. The focus is about understanding your business objectives, requirements and expectations to ensure you receive the high standard you would expect from your employees, and the outcome that you want to achieve.

Recruitment can often be an intensive and time-rich process that can take weeks or even months to get all the right approvals to onboard an employee. Coupled with the risk of securing a resource who might not have the appropriate skills, be the right team fit, or align to tight deadlines – this scenario has the potential to cause more harm than good.

As the only specialist IT Recruitment and Workforce Services agency that’s fully embedded within an Australian business technology company, we have an in-depth understanding of the technical skills and competencies you need to get the full value from your technology investment.

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