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Flexible, scalable Microsoft 365 packages, customised to your business

Choose Data#3 as your CSP and get the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and in-depth support you need.

In the current climate, with so much market volatility, flexibility is essential. To stay agile and responsive, you need the ability to scale your IT investments up or down and increase or decrease seats or workloads – without termination charges, penalties or the need to wait for an anniversary date. You also need to be able to rationalise vendors, adjust your billing cycles, and have the flexibility to respond to urgent security requirements – as and when needed.

This is where partnering with Data#3 as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), and choosing the right Microsoft 365 package, can make all the difference.


Get your Microsoft 365 investment right from the start

How do you ensure you’re not paying too much for your workplace software? Who do you turn to if
you have billing, licensing or technical support queries? How do you ensure your people are
using Microsoft 365 to its fullest?

To get the most from your software, you need to ensure your investment is correctly configured from
the start, and that you have expert advice at hand. However, many businesses aren’t optimising
their investment. In fact, 56% of organisations have Office 365 software that’s inactive,
under-utilised, oversized or unassigned.

Does your business need a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider?

To get the best out of Microsoft 365, and ensure you’re not overspending at every step, you need an experienced provider you can trust. Choosing a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) can give you confidence and assurance that your technology will be set up and managed according to the highest industry standards.

Now is an ideal time to look for a reliable CSP, if:

1. Your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is ending soon

Recent changes to Microsoft’s Licensing Program mean you may not be eligible to renew your EA support directly with Microsoft.

As an authorised CSP, Data#3 can provide the same support you received under this program.

2. You are affected by changes to Microsoft’s support offers

Updates to Microsoft’s Unified Support (also known as Premier Support) mean it may become quite costly.

With Data#3 as your CSP, you get cost-effective, scalable support that suits your business, and is billed monthly.

3. You don’t currently have any support in place

If you are looking to switch to Microsoft 365 but aren’t one hundred percent sure where to start, talk to us about a support package that’s right for your business.

Unsure where your support is at or which option is right for you?

Contact the CSP Hotline and work with a team dedicated to CSP who can onboard you into the program,
answer queries, estimate consumption and help with migration needs.



Why choose Data#3 as your CSP?


Data#3 can simplify your procurement and licensing. There are no complicated pricing models, you can scale if you need to, and you only pay for what you use.

Microsoft Expertise

Our team has deep expertise and practical experience in supporting Microsoft 365, and we have been a Microsoft partner since 1994.

Tiered Support Packages

Data#3’s support levels help you optimise usage, support business continuity, and prevent unnecessary overspend.

Cost Management

As your CSP, Data#3 can give you the freedom to choose the billing that suits your organisation and cashflow.

Select from monthly or annual billing with the certainty that user-based online services are fixed for 12 months, so there are no nasty surprises.


Let your software consumption move with your organisation’s business cycle and cashflow. Your seats can be reduced within 24 – 48 hours of a request, and each subscription can be or suspended without early termination charge.

There is also no financial penalty for changes in provisioning, and no waiting for anniversary dates to make changes.

24/7 Support

Support from local Microsoft 365 specialists is just one call away, and you can always rely on the technical and licensing expertise of our specialists to optimise and secure your workplace software.

How it works

Our team will work with you at every step to assess and validate the level of service you require. We can then help you transition or migrate to Microsoft 365, ensure your costs are optimised, and ensure you are continually modernising your investment to get results over time.

Support that works for your business


  • License adjustments
  • Licensing queries
  • Billing queries
  • Technical support
  • Escalation to Microsoft premier support teams
  • Microsoft 365 license and cost optimisation
  • Security and visibility of Microsoft 365
  • Teams governance and adoption


Fee / Monthly
  • License adjustments
  • Licensing queries
  • Billing queries
  • Technical support
  • Escalation to Microsoft premier support teams
  • Microsoft 365 license and cost optimisation
  • Security and visibility of Microsoft 365
  • Teams governance and adoption

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