SA Local Government Microsoft Affiliation (SALGMA)

With digital transformation influencing every aspect of the way organisations operate and interact with suppliers and customers, procurement managers continue to be under pressure to deliver cost optimisation. They are also tasked with increasing the efficiency and scope of technology procurement, and to deliver on key digital projects that align closely with the organisation’s digital transformation strategy.

When it comes to technology procurement, are you buying too much or too little or finding it hard to manage staff changes? Do you find managing Microsoft’s changes in rules or pricing a time consuming and confusing task?

 A new approach is needed to help you overcome these challenges.

Data#3, LGA Procurement and Local Government Information Technology Association of SA (LGITSA) are delighted to present the South Australian Local Government Microsoft Affiliation. This offering has been undertaken in collaboration with Data#3, LGAP and LGITSA to provide the South Australian local government sector with access to an exclusive arrangement for aggregated procurement of a range of Microsoft products.

Why join SALGMA?

  • Data#3 will enable SA Councils to trade licenses via our unique Trading Floor
  • Common platforms for cross-council collaboration and security for further efficiencies and savings
  • The goal is to reduce the cost and complexity of licensing for SA Councils
  • Savings off RRP depending on the individual Council requirement
  • Significant cost saving benefits for councils sub-250 employees

The affiliation will ensure:

  • Reduced complexity in Licensing
  • Common Platforms across SA Councils
  • Ability to Trade Licenses – a new innovative addition to manage changing workforces
  • Separate Tenancies
  • Local Software team of 9 staff
  • Licensing Helpdesk
  • Single Date for renewal of contract in 2022
  • Scales of economy


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