The right people and resources to match your ongoing technology needs

Match the right ICT resources to your business technology investment with Recruitment and Augmentation Workforce Solutions from Data#3.

Solution benefits:

  • Maximise ROI for your technology investment
  • Predictable and scalable pricing and sourcing models
  • Reduce HR costs associated with placement, onboarding and induction processes
  • Improve retention rates and employee satisfaction
  • Enhance project flexibility and agility
  • Ensure service consistency across technology projects
  • Minimise risk of recruitment failure.

Sourcing, placing and retaining IT professionals for your technology projects can be difficult. Fluctuating demand and capability requirements mean you need fast, seamless access to the right resources, plus the flexibility to scale up or down to meet project milestones.

The right people for your technology investment

The Data#3 Team specialises in providing contract and permanent IT Recruitment and Augmentation services across a range of industries. These services include candidate assessment and placement, onboarding, induction, OH&S and post placement management.

As the only specialist ICT recruitment agency that’s fully embedded within an Australian business technology company, we have an in-depth understanding of the technical skills and competencies you need to get the full value from your technology investment.

From augmentation services to fully outsourced IT staffing solutions, we help manage your ICT capability requirements either on-site or remotely and have the right people and resources to match your ongoing technology needs.

Seamless Augmentation

Data#3’s Augmentation services provide the flexibility and agility you need to efficiently scale IT resources up or down to meet project and/or strategic objectives.

Seamlessly augment in-house skills with external IT talent, whilst still retaining control over IP, decision-making and project outcomes. We can quickly deploy and integrate highly skilled talent into a variety of ICT areas, as well as offer you a fixed cost model to give you control and certainty over project budgeting.

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