Unlock the full potential of your technology investment and improve user engagement and satisfaction with Training and Adoption services from Data#3.

Significant time, money and resources go into organisation-wide technology deployments. So when new technology isn’t used to its full potential or creates operational roadblocks, the productivity and efficiency costs to your business can be enormous.

Gain more from your technology by empowering business users.

Getting the most from your technology investment isn’t just about a successful implementation. While that is an important factor, achieving an effective outcome relies heavily on the successful technology adoption across the business.

Whether you’ve recently deployed a solution, or are looking for ways to maximise past investments, Data#3’s Training and Adoption Services will help you to:

  • Optimise return on your technology investment
  • Reduce the risk of project failure
  • Reduce Helpdesk support costs
  • Increase user adoption and productivity
  • Increase technology consumption
  • Increase user satisfaction and effectiveness

Data#3’s Training and Adoption Services are unique, bringing together user adoption training, organisational change management and training videos. This combination is focused on ensuring valuable software deployments are consumed and adopted by the workforce successfully.

Training and Adoption Services include:

1. Microsoft User Training
2. Microsoft Training Videos
3. Organisational Change Management
4. Office 365 Adoption Workshops
5. Security Awareness Training
6. Microsoft Surface Hub Adoption Workshops

Elements of the service can be tailor-made, if specialised requirements need to be catered for, and services can be purchased as a bundle or individually.

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