Data#3’s Customer Solution Lifecycle

(pdo)2 is the Data#3 Customer Solution Lifecycle methodology. In essence, it structures the engagement from ICT solution conceptualisation through implementation and, ultimately, optimisation.

It is a methodology designed to ensure that Data#3 ICT solutions continue to meet our customers’ technology and business objectives.

A customer solution lifecycle differs from traditional service delivery methodologies in that it presents a complete project view, from inception (sales engagement) to post-deployment support and solution optimisation, and is collaborative in its nature.

This approach guarantees alignment and continuity across both the pre-sale and post-sale phases of a project, ensuring that a customer’s required outcomes are delivered on time and on budget.

While (pdo)2 provides a comprehensive approach to solution delivery, all phases do not need to be undertaken by Data#3. There are projects where, some of the work outlined within (pdo)2 may have been, or will be, completed by the customer.

(pdo)2 has been developed to draw on the best practice methodology from our key services partners such as Cisco and Microsoft, our customers and our own experiences in providing ICT solutions for over 30 years.

Through this methodology our team can provide a consistent approach, focusing on one outcome irrespective of their area of expertise or skill sets.

(pdo)2 uses six phases that allow Data#3 and the customer to work in collaboration to identify, document and proactively manage risk and achieve the proposed outcomes.

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