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Seamless Surface Device Fulfilment with Data#3 Integration Centres


The fast, hassle-free way to get your people up and running with Microsoft Surface devices

People are unproductive when they don’t have the right tools. To do their best work, from anywhere, your employees need versatile and powerful devices.

With the new Surface suite of devices, together with Windows 10, your people can work efficiently and effectively; taking your business’ productivity to the next level.

However, getting your people up and running on new devices can itself be challenging. The average business replaces close to one fifth of its workforce every year* – which, depending on the size of your organisation, can equate to a very significant onboarding effort. In order to be immediately productive, every new employee needs a device from day one, and this device must be ordered, tagged, run up, tested and delivered.

Although new employees aren’t the only ones who need support. Defective hardware needs to be repaired or replaced promptly, sometimes, in a matter of hours, so it’s not a major disruption to productivity – and at the end of a device’s life, data and hardware needs to be disposed of securely and consciously.

This makes device fulfilment a huge, costly and never-ending task.


Avoid downtime and get the support you need with Data#3

Data#3 has over 15 years’ experience managing the implementation and fulfilment of devices. Our processes improve standard vendor lead-times, and ensure we deliver the best device turnaround for our government and corporate customers.

Our support service delivers:

  • Completely outsourced assistance – through our specialty Distribution and Integration Centres, located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Minimal downtime – we work closely with our customers and vendors to forecast your requirements and ensure stock availability.
  • Asset services – including asset tagging and reporting, to ensure you have a complete log of your devices.
  • Hardware services – including installation, testing, cleaning, repairs and reporting on conditions.
  • Software services – including operating system installs and upgrades, software installation and configuration, firmware and BIOS upgrades, software testing and quality assurance.
  • Trouble shooting – including resolving issues, installing replacement hardware, parts replacement and quality assurance on system units.
  • Disposal services – including secure data deletion and/or sanitisation and environmentally conscience hardware disposal.

Take a behind-the-scenes look into Data#3’s Integration Centres


The Surface Suite

Microsoft Surface devices are intuitive, high-performance tools that give your team the power and freedom to work securely, anywhere, anytime. Built to meet the needs of modern business, Surface devices drive innovation and change. With a full suite of devices, Microsoft Surface offers a solution for every user and work style.

Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro 6 is the ultimate work companion. Stay connected wherever you are and experience the best of a laptop, tablet and studio. The perfect balance of versatility, performance and personalisation.

Surface Book 2

A powerful, professional-grade laptop, tablet and canvas rolled into one. Surface Book 2 has the power and ability to adapt to the most demanding and varied workday.

Surface Studio 2

Designed for the creative process, Surface Studio 2 turns your desk into a studio. With its huge digital canvas, you can use it upright or draw on it like a drafting table – while enjoying professional-grade power and performance.

Surface Laptop 2

Surface Laptop 2 is designed for Windows 10 S — streamlined for security and superior performance. Applications are delivered via the Windows Store, ensuring that they’re Microsoft verified.

Surface Go

The latest addition to the Surface family is the smallest, lightest Surface yet, weighing just 522 grams, this ultra versatile full-performance PC is ideal for mobile workers, commuters and travelling executives.

Why Engage Data#3

Data#3 is Microsoft’s largest Australian partner with over 15 years’ experience improving device fulfilment and implementation for our clients. We can help you end the frustrations typically associated with your device management and even offer training and adoption services to upskill your people on their new devices to ensure the greatest return from your investment.


Want to learn more?

The Microsoft Surface Suite can take your workplace effectiveness to new levels. Contact Data#3 below to find out how we can streamline and simplify your device implementation process.

*Australian Human Resource Institute, Pulse Survey: Staff Turnover and Retention

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