Microsoft Teams Rooms - Rapid Rooms

Accelerate your journey to hybrid work and redefine collaboration with 2 free Microsoft Teams Rooms

Register your interest in Microsoft Teams Rooms now and fast track to state-of-the-art collaboration spaces that enable your employees to work at their best. Boost user experience and wellbeing and build a foundation for future growth.

Data#3 is offering free installation and equipment for 2 Microsoft Teams Rooms to qualifying customers.*

What’s Included:

  • Up to two room equipment kits installed for you to use, and keep.
  • Choose from Small or Medium kits on Android or Windows.
  • Microsoft Teams Room Licenses are not included.

Register your interest to get started with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms allow you to connect your employees across the hybrid workplace. This helps making meetings more inclusive and interactive, empowering employees no matter where they are. Starting a meeting is friction and hassle free, and state-of-the-art spaces allow people to meet without distractions.

Fully funded* Microsoft Teams Rooms pilot

This Rapid Rooms promotion is a pilot to demonstrate the value of Microsoft Teams Rooms in your organisation. It is only valid for standard small and medium meeting rooms at one location and the rooms need to be installed before the end of the promotion.*

There are no charges for this pilot, but you may incur additional costs for displays, switching or room modifications.

To qualify your organisation needs to have more than 300 seats of Microsoft 365 and no Teams Rooms devices activated. Eligibility will be determined by Microsoft.

A small meeting space will typically be around 3m X 4.5m in size and will accommodate 4 – 6 people.

Small Lenovo kit – Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub and Lenovo ThinkSmart Camera.
Small Logitech kit – Lochitech Rally Bar Mini, Tap and PC.

Medium sized meetings rooms are generally around 4.5m X 6m in size and will accommodate 6 – 12 people.

Medium Lenovo kit – Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Full Room kit includes Core compute device and Controller, Lenovo ThinkSmart Camera and Sound Bar.

How Does It Work?


Intake to determine requirements and eligibility.


Readiness and deployment planning.


Installation of two Microsoft Teams Rooms.


Evaluate and expand experience.

What are the space, license and customer requirements?

Space and location:

Customers will need to provide two meeting rooms in an Australian major city or regional centre. The two rooms need to be in the same location and need to have power and data at a table and at the front of the room.

You will need to provide a large display (or source this via the Data#3 Microsoft Hub offer) and access for the Data#3 or partner installation team.


Customers need to provide a Teams Rooms license and provide access to the Microsoft 365 tenant.

Sponsor and workshop:

The pilot requires an executive sponsor and intent to expand the deployment in the next six months. To qualify, customers must participate in the provided assessment workshops.

Terms and conditions

*Promotion expires on June 15, 2022. Eligibility for funding will be determined by Microsoft. Other costs may be incurred for out-of-scope equipment, installation, decommissioning or licensing requirements.

Funding is available for assessment workshops, on-site installation services and a funded hardware offer:

  • Select from pre-configured room kits for small and medium rooms
    • Lenovo:
      • Small: Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub and Lenovo ThinkSmart Camera
      • Medium: Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Full Room kit includes Core compute device and Controller, Lenovo ThinkSmart Camera and Sound Bar
    • Logitech:
      • Small: Logitech Rally Bar Mini, Tap and PC
  • Teams Rooms on Windows / Android
  • The two room kits must be from the same OEM manufacturer and sourced through Data#3

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