Today, the question isn’t about whether or not you should move to the cloud. It’s about which partner can best help you get there.

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding collection of integrated cloud services to build, deploy, and manage applications.

Adopting cloud-based ways of working is becoming more and more essential for staff productivity and collaboration, for saving time and money, and driving better customer experiences.

There’s no doubt that cloud adoption is growing fast. In 2017, Azure adoption almost doubled from 26% to 43% in enterprises and an incredible 95% of organisation are running applications or experimenting with Infrastructure as a Service.

However, a move to the cloud can also feel overwhelming, and without the right guidance, it can be difficult to know where to start. As well as determining which applications are most suitable for the cloud, you need to migrate your data seamlessly, guarantee flawless security and data protection, and ensure your people are informed and engaged with new, cloud-based ways of working.

To do so effectively, you need a partner you can trust.

Taking it to the next level with Azure – the five stage pathway to cloud success.

Discover how Data#3’s comprehensive suite of Azure services can help you hit the mark, no matter where you are in your Azure journey.

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing public cloud.1 And for good reason. The Azure cloud platform promises cost savings, security, flexibility and scalability.

However, these benefits are only realised when Azure is done right. Too often, organisations fall short on their Azure implementation – leading to cost blowouts, inefficiencies or issues with their security. Indeed, having completed hundreds of Azure health checks within Australian businesses that are up and running with cloud, very few organisations had a clean bill of health.

Remove uncertainty from your cloud journey – choose Microsoft’s most experienced cloud partner.

Data#3 is Microsoft’s largest Australian partner, and has unparalleled competencies in Azure, licencing, system integration and managed services. Our Cloud Migration Framework has been proven to successfully guide and support customers throughout their end-to-end Azure journey – from understanding and planning, to operating and optimising.

Data#3 is a Gold Microsoft Cloud Partner and part of the Azure Elite program with Microsoft’s Azure engineering team. Data#3 has also been selected by Microsoft to provide Azure Migration services as part of Microsoft’s Modernisation Factory in AU Central.

Azure Health Checks

75% of customers are paying too much for Azure.

Of those customers, some are overspending by as much as 70%.

Regardless of where you’re at in your cloud journey, we can help.

Just as no two businesses are the same, we believe no cloud migration should be approached in the same way.

Whether you are new to Azure or looking for advanced Azure services to take your business to the next level, Data#3 can help. We are proudly part of the Azure Elite program with Microsoft’s Azure engineering team, and have the deep expertise your business needs to maximise its investment in Azure.

The five stage pathway to cloud success is based on Azure best practices. You can come in at any stage.


How can we support your cloud journey?

Help me get started

Azure White Paper - Data<sup>#</sup>3

Let’s get technical

Azure Technical Deep Dive Videos


Spend less, do more


Cloud Managed Services

With a focus on Microsoft’s Azure platform, Data#3 provides bespoke or pre-packaged cloud management services that are based on agreed service level agreements. Additional services are also available for Infrastructure as a Service platforms. Regardless of where you are on your cloud journey, or whether you are in a public, private or hybrid environment, Data#3 will ensure your cloud platforms are effectively managed and optimised.

Watch the video for an introduction on Data#3’s Cloud Managed Services, or click here to learn more about our Managed Services including Database Management, Maintenance Services or Backup and Disaster Recovery.


Ways to engage

1. Azure Free Trial

Get the keys to Azure free of charge and begin testing with your own data and workloads today. Engage Data#3 for a free trial license, and we can support you on your cloud journey.

We can help you establish success criteria to ensure that there is a plan and key performance indicators in place to properly evaluate the solution and it’s suitability for your organisation.

2. Azure Foundation

Azure Foundation is a scaffolding service that can be leveraged to either remediate (post Health Check) or establish your new Azure tenancy.

The scope of this service includes; Azure governance such as naming, policies, roles, responsibilities; Azure subscription topology, networking, continuity, security, cost management and tagging. Having an appropriate foundation is critical to be able to manage your Azure subscription ongoing, and getting it wrong can create a lot of rework down the track.

3. Azure Migrate

Transition your workloads to Azure with Data#3, this engagement will discover application and infrastructure inter-dependencies that make cloud transitions so difficult.

With SQL and Windows Servers 2008 end of life, Data#3 has a specialised transition service to help customers migrate. Microsoft has provided options for 3 years extended support by moving workloads to Azure, affording you time to refactor, rearchitect or replatform your applications.

4. Azure Health Check

75% of Azure customers are paying to much, of these customers some are overspending by as much as 70%.

Azure health checks help customers to understand, assess and monitor their Azure expenditure. The assessment performed by a Data#3 Azure specialist reviews the state of customer’s cloud adoption to identify critical issues and ensure that their environment is configured properly, backed up, and secure.

5. Azure Operate Advanced Services

Data#3 offers a suite of services to assist our customers to operate and manage their Azure environment.

Our selection of advanced service paired with the Azure Resolve suite addresses specific solutions for common customer challenges (cost management, monitoring, DevOps), or alternatively many customers are now engaging Data#3 for complete management of their Azure environment.

6. Contact an Azure Specialist

Not sure where you need to begin, not to worry, get in touch with Microsoft’s most experienced cloud partner, Data#3.

Our Azure specialists, would be happy to start a dialog and understand your cloud aspirations, current state and application and workload requirements to advise on your best pathway to cloud success.

Why choose Data#3 as your Azure partner?

Scale and certification
We are the largest Microsoft partner in Australia, a Microsoft Gold Data Centre and Gold Cloud Platform partner, and have extensive Microsoft competencies.

We have worked with a range of customers throughout the Asia Pacific Region to transform how they operate in a Hybrid IT environment across a wide range of industries.

Structured methodology
Recognising that every business is different, and at a different stage of cloud migration, we employ our proven Cloud Methodology Framework to help you migrate in a way that’s appropriate for your business.

Education and ongoing improvement
We work closely with you to ensure maximum uptake of your new cloud infrastructure within your business, and also use the Azure SaaS Resolve lifecycle service to monitor and solve issues in order to continually maximise usage and value.

Contact an Azure Specialist


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