Azure Foundation

Move to Azure cloud with confidence

When it comes to operating efficiently and securely, the setup and configuration of your cloud-based workloads is extremely important. If your Azure instance isn’t properly configured from the outset, you could be exposing your business to security and compliance risks or pouring money down the drain and limiting the many benefits Azure has to offer.

To build the best Azure environment, you need the best foundation

A Forrester survey found that almost half (49%) of enterprises don’t have a formal cloud operations plan; and exactly half lack an active knowledge based of cloud best practices.1

“The cloud” is an operating model, not a destination. Deploying or migrating to the cloud naïvely leads to all sorts of challenges down the road. Through our Health Check Assessments, our team has discovered customers overpaying their Azure bill by 75% – with others having experienced millions of dollars in bill shock due to insufficient knowledge about what is being deployed through to poor or absent governance and release management processes. We’ve even discovered customer credentials for sale on the dark web.

You need to optimise your Azure configuration from the outset with Data#3’s Azure Foundation service.

How does Data#3’s Azure Foundation work?

Once you’ve identified your cloud direction it’s time to develop and implement a secure Azure scaffold that includes the appropriate security, governance, access policy, tagging and subscription topologies. Data#3 can help you lay rock-solid foundations for a secure and resilient Azure environment.

Why do you need Data#3’s Azure Foundation?

  • Enhance your team with our trusted experts to establish a cloud adoption lifecycle aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption and Azure Well-Architected Frameworks.
  • Trust a foundation designed for security from the ground up with strong identity security controls, well defined RBAC and roles.
  • Our proven Azure Foundation Blueprint uses Azure DevOps pipelines and CI/CD practices to accelerate your journey to Azure and achieve cloud agility and flexibility sooner.

Set the foundations for your organisation

Your unique requirements and/or regulatory environment will determine the alignment with Azure and the advanced Azure features so you can work within the limits you have set, ensuring best practice for your requirements.

Deploy your foundation

Our experts will automatically deploy the elements of your foundations and build the connectivity with your on-premises infrastructure and Active Directory.

Further enhancements can be deployed using DevOps practices.

Deploy and monitor Azure

Once deployed we will make sure your environment is secure and monitored by activating Governance, Azure Cost Management, Log Analytics and Azure Sentinel.

Now you can govern and manage Azure your way or have Data#3 manage Azure for you.

Once complete, you’ll have the foundations in place to accelerate your move to cloud and start deploying and modernising your solutions and support new ways of working.

Why choose Data#3 as your Azure partner?

As Microsoft’s largest Australian partner and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, Data#3 has unparalleled competencies in Azure, licensing, system integration and managed services. Data#3 holds the highest level of partner accreditations across the Microsoft ecosystem. With expertise that extend from the network and the cloud, to the data centre and workplace, you can rely on our expert team to guide and advise on the best technologies to meet your demands.

Help every step of the way

We can work with you at every step, helping you determine your initial requirements, build your foundations, migrate your infrastructure, and then provide ongoing support as part of a managed services program.

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1 Forrester (October 2018). Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption.