Consolidate and simplify your software licensing and hardware asset lifecycle with Asset Management solutions from Data#3.

Solution benefits:

  • Increase visibility and control with a single, consolidated asset management plan
  • Reduce cost inefficiencies associated with disparate licenses and contracts
  • Reduce IT complexity and re-allocate internal IT resources
  • Improve forecasting and decision-making by aligning asset renewal and expiry dates
  • Maximise ROI and minimise total cost of ownership over the life of your IT assets
  • Monitor, track and report on SLAs with ease
  • Complete compliance analysis – avoid under or over licensing.

Multiple software contracts, disparate renewal dates, various hardware assets at different lifecycle stages…managing your IT assets can be complicated, costly and time consuming. That’s why you need an Asset Management solution that gives you total control and visibility over your technology assets, from procurement through to de-commission.

A holistic approach to asset management.

Data#3 has extensive experience in the management and optimisation of software and hardware assets. From procurement and deployment to IT security and de-commissioning, our Asset Management solution provides you with total control and visibility over your asset lifecycle.

We perform a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment to help you better understand your assets, identify the software licenses you require for compliance and highlight inefficiencies that are costing you time and money. A management solution is then customised to best suit your business requirements and strategy.

By streamlining your software and hardware assets into a Lifecycle Management solution, we can help you maximise the value of your technology investment and minimise your licensing and hardware costs.

Better visibility. More control.

Our Asset Management solution enables you to efficiently and effectively manage software licensing contracts and renewals, as well as asset expiry dates and hardware maintenance schedules giving you better visibility and more control.

What’s more, Data#3 partners with world-leading technology vendors and can work across multiple software and hardware platforms – either on-premise or as part of a Hybrid Cloud-based solution.

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