JuiceIT Digital 2021 in Review

Throughout the unparalleled events of 2020, technology played a pivotal role in forging new avenues to serve customers and deliver results.

This year’s event theme was “The Future in Focus : The Journey to resilience and adaptability”.

Over 700 attendees took part in JuiceIT Digital 2021 and learnt first-hand how to they can contribute to making their organisations stronger, more adaptable, and more resilient.

Across the future of the enterprise, the workplace, education and healthcare, one key theme remains true: technology is the vehicle to the future.

Successfully harnessing technology advancements to drive change in 2021 and beyond will be challenging, but full of exciting advancements for technology professionals.

We invite you to revisit a number of the sessions presented at JuiceIT Digital 2021.

Adobe Solutions at Work or Home

Make your organisation stronger, more adaptable and agile. Document workflows and legacy paper-based, face-to-face processes, as well as Creative and Marketing workflows have had to adapt in this new normal.

Find out how your Organisation’s knowledge workers can digitally transform their end-to-end document processes and get more out of your current investments with Adobe and Microsoft.


Cisco Telemetry Architecture – The Future of Security Analytics

Analytical platforms have become critical to your business and provide outcomes that keep you safe and give you a competitive edge. Cisco discusses a telemetry architecture that democratises data and ensures that all your analytics have access with no one platform having exclusivity.

Cisco Telemetry Broker

See a demonstration of Cisco’s brand-new security solution from the developer himself. The Cisco Telemetry Broker is a distributed architecture which instead of being yet another data lake, functions as an intelligent river system that connects all of your data lakes past, present, and future to help everything operate in harmony.

Work Is Not A Place

Recent global disruptions have magnified the need for flexibility and new ways of working. The previous year alone showed us that organisations need to build a robust remote work strategy that supports employees working from anywhere while ensuring that they’re set up for success. See how organisations can ensure their remote employees feel supported and championed in their roles.

How To Be A Data Management Genius

It’s enough to keep you up at night … Ransomware, natural disasters, and other threats can strike at any time and put your data — and organisation — at risk. Discover how using comprehensive data management services can help you extract more value for security, compliance, AI/ML and more.

Simplify Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365

Worried about how your M365 data could get deleted, corrupted – or worse – held hostage? Thought about an adequate strategy to protect your most important asset: yout data? Learn the best route to navigate towards service availability, enabling work anywhere all whilst protecting your data everywhere.

The Journey to Autonomous Compute Infrastructure

Today, organisations need to adapt quickly in a more connected, data-driven world. Automated compute infrastructure can help, accelerate IT transformation enhancing your ability to innovate, adapt and grow. With the right tools and processes in place, you can save time spent on routine tasks.

2021 – The year of the hybrid workforce

Organisations are faced with the adversity of ensuring that their staff are established with the right technology in both their ‘home office’ and ‘work office’. Explore how organisations continue to keep their employees productivity wherever and whenever they work.

Shaping the Future of Hybrid Workstyles

See how HP are introducing new technology to keep your device connected, secure in the hybrid workstyle of the future.

How Lenovo fits your hybrid cloud agenda

Companies have many options when talking hybrid cloud, there are considerations with edge AI/ML/IoT, core workloads, and maximizing cloud XaaS. As a leading manufacturer, Lenovo has multiple options and routes to help modern organizations make the most of their investments.

Get Modern and Stay Modern

Get modern and stay modern with a complete end-to-end Device as a Service (DaaS) solution for Surface PCs and Hubs from Data#3.

Surface Bundles relieve you from the burden of ownership, maintenance and device upkeep while ensuring employees work better with the support of powerful, modern, secure Surface devices.

Transform your Meetings with Teams Rooms

Turn any room into an inclusive collaboration space, giving everyone a place at the table, no matter where they sit. Revisit this session for a guided demonstration of how Microsoft Teams Rooms removes the barriers that exist between spaces, to deliver equitable meeting experiences for everyone.

Digital Self-Service – The Future of STaaS

With the growth of STaaS, it has become clear that the offerings more closely aligned to hyper-scaler models will provide the most familiar and efficient customer experience. Explore how self-service is changing the way storage vendors deliver STaaS.

Achieving Business Resilience with Pure as-a-Service in the Hybrid Cloud

See how organisations can build business resilience and realise the benefits of a hybrid cloud with Pure as-a-Service. Learn how disaster recovery can be achieved across on-prem and Azure clouds. Discover the business resilience and adaptability Pure as-a-Service can provide.

Accelerate your Cloud Journey with Azure VMware Solution

Revisit this session to hear how about how you can accelerate your Cloud Journey with Azure VMware Solution. Whether you are looking at application modernization, extending or migrating completely our of your existing Data Centre or service provider. Microsoft’s Azure VMware Solution offers the fastest path to cloud whilst maintaining a consistent operating experience.