What’s in your network?

Most of our customers are experiencing the challenge of not completely knowing what resides in their networks and subsequently what is covered under support.network

On a typical maintenance engagement we begin with device list and SLAs which often change tremendously before a support contract is placed. To assist in this process we have teamed up with our top vendors to provide network audit services for your infrastructure. The audit services are secure and efficient performed by a vendor or Data#3 engineer. The data is run through the vendors tools to provide a business view of what resides in your network and if they are covered by vendor support.

Your Network, Your Coverage

As specialists in Maintenance we realise that one size does not fit all. We have a very granular maintenance offering which can be tailored to your needs.

Holding the highest tier partner status with vendors such as Cisco and HP, Data#3 are able to provide more than ‘the standard option’ when it comes to support. With over 400 maintenance customers across Australia, we provide maintenance solutions specific to needs in particular areas, with specific business requirements. Our customers often have large distributed physical networks and are challenged by supporting devices ‘in the middle of nowhere’, whilst also supporting high-end datacentre devices delivering critical IT services. A network maintenance audit can tie all this information together to ensure the right level of cover at the right price across the entire infrastructure. This is where Data#3 deliver real cost savings and value to our customers.

A Data#3 audit service can provide:

  • a view of your devices across multiple vendors (e.g. Cisco, HP etc)
  • maintenance coverage information to ensure the right level of support for each device
  • the baseline to build a strategy for infrastructure support
  • refresh data showing devices approaching end of life – for upgrade path planning & budgeting
  • asset information to reconcile against existing lists which may highlight ‘unknown’ devices

Prepare for an Audit

We’ve noticed that successful audits are those where both Data#3 and the customer have taken time to ensure all firewall requirements are covered. This will not only reduce the time spent performing the audit but it will ensure all devices are captured.

Related Services?

You may also be interested in our Software Asset Management and hardware audits which provide a comprehensive view of what licenses you hold and what other devices reside in your environment. This is particulary valuable information when considering your ongoing compliance for software licensing or when managing a large fleet of devices with complex licensing requirements.

An audit will augment what you already understand about your infrastructure and provide a complete picture.

If a live, ongoing audit service is required we can now also implement a network level service to constantly provide live install base information.

What does it cost?

Data#3 can provide an audit service at no cost.

If you are interested in any of our audit services, please contact maintenance solutions, email maintenance@data3.com, phone 1800 23 28 23 or enquire online.