Technology outlook for 2016

Data#3’s CEO, Laurence Baynham, reveals the challenges and opportunities ahead this year…

laurenceDescribe your outlook for 2016 in one word…


The big challenges this year will be…

Global economic downturn and geopolitical instability. Although there is no direct impact on Data#3, a global downturn certainly impacts on business confidence, which can create uncertainty. A challenge closer to home, is the decline in the resource sector. Capitalising on growth sectors such as health and education can offset the resource sector slowdown.

The opportunities for the sector and Data#3 are…

Digital disruption is happening in every industry sector. Companies that get ahead and embrace the digital transformation will be leaders that drive innovation, growth and future jobs. The prediction at the latest Fortune Global Forum stated that 40 per cent of today’s market leaders will be displaced or eliminated by digital disrupters in the next 10 years.

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Full article/Source: Courier Mail, Queensland Business Monthly.

Published: 26th February, 2016.

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