Reclaim Time with Maintenance Co-terming

 In today’s busy world we can get caught up focusing on the now and overlook future time frames. Wouldn’t it be great to have all your maintenance contracts expire at the same time every year?

Most of our new customers approach us with multiple contracts (such as Cisco SMARTnet, HP Contracts or Carepacks, CheckPoint User Center contracts) all expiring at different times with different providers.  Having the scale of a dedicated maintenance team allows us to spend the time to prorate/co-term contract lengths so that they are all aligned. Co-terming Maintenance contracts provide customers with a single end date for all their Hardware & Software maintenance. Data#3 provide this co-terming service whenever our customers transit maintenance contracts to us, purchase new hardware, or are renewing existing contracts.

Co-terming ensures easier management, predictable budgeting, and less time is spent throughout the year validating data and managing contracts. Reclaim time spent on managing contracts by co-terming your contracts with Data#3.