New Cisco Software Download Policy

Cisco have recently announced their new Software Policy. From Monday the 22nd of November, Cisco.com will no longer allow unsolicited downloads of Cisco software. Moving forward the only way to access Cisco IOS upgrades and version updates is by having a valid Cisco maintenance contract. We recommend checking your Cisco devices for a valid maintenance contract as you may need access to software upgrades in the future.

Our experience is that not upgrading software can leave your organisation vulnerable to known security flaws which have been addressed through IOS upgrades and configuration recommendations from Cisco Technical Assistance Centre (TAC). Additionally, the Cisco software updates include fixes to many of the standard networking protocols which have been augmented as networking standards evolve and help to ensure interoperability across our customer’s networking, storage, voice and server infrastructures.

 What can you do if you require software and do not have a current Cisco maintenance contract?

  • Verify that all applicable Cisco products are covered under Cisco service contracts and that they have a valid license for Cisco software.
  • Verify that service contracts are accurate and make necessary updates on serial numbers, part numbers, and locations in each contract.
  • Associate all service contracts to applicable Cisco.com user IDs.
  • Verify that all Cisco.com user IDs for your company are valid and correctly assigned to individuals in your company.

Our Maintenance Solutions team are experts in this area and can assist you with ensuring your fleet are covered, assign Cisco.com user ID’s to your contracts and individuals and assist you with any other maintenance related enquiries.