JuiceIT Digital 2020 Digest | Edition 3

Out of the Shadows: Getting Clarity with Your Post-COVID IT Landscape

Imagine trying to establish strong security in your home, with three-quarters of the rooms shrouded in total darkness. No matter how many deadbolts you installed on the front door, it’d be hard to feel secure without knowing if the windows are securely closed! Much the same applies in your IT environment: if you can’t see everything clearly, it will be nearly impossible to secure. As if that weren’t challenging enough, throw in the hasty COVID-19 changes that saw entire workforces shifting to remote working.

When is the right time to review IT security?

There’s no fixed rule about how frequently you should review your IT environment: for some organisations, once annually is ideal, while others might build a security review into milestone projects. Although a review can be performed internally, there are significant benefits to conducting independent reviews with qualified third-party organisations. In the Microsoft Security Health Checks Data#3 performs in line with our Microsoft Gold Certification, we have found that fewer than 10% of organisations follow best practice malware protection. These organisations were typically well-invested in security with highly skilled staff – and addressing the issue was simple and inexpensive. The commitment to a comprehensive review enabled them to improve their security posture in many ways.

A sneak peek at what other organisations found in Microsoft Security Health Checks

Chris Harvey is a Data#3 National Security Architect, with experience, data and learnings from every Microsoft Security Health Check conducted by Data#3. Register now for his exclusive webinar, where he shares information about the challenges other organisations have faced, the weaknesses identified, and the latest Microsoft tools that can help inform you just what is happening in your on-premise and cloud environment. Lessons Learned from Microsoft Security Workshops with Chris Harvey, 17th June 2020.

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