Don’t Just Take a Number

When you require support, wouldn’t it be great to talk to the same person every time? Is it difficult to manage the number of ongoing hardware movements within your environment?

Add a Proactive Approach to Support. On top of standard maintenance contracts, there are additional options which can provide a personalised higher level of service for those organisations which require that next level of risk mitigation and control.

Customers who hold HP Carepacks/Contracts or Cisco SMARTnet/Collaborative contracts can be eligible for our pre-packaged “Essential Proactive Services” to deliver a service which can raise the bar when it comes to support. It is worth noting Data#3 offers a full suite of proactive services if an even higher level of risk mitigation is desired.

We can provide our customers with these additional services on top of our maintenance contracts:

  • A dedicated technical resource
  • Ongoing SLA Reporting
  • Automated Asset Management

These services provide a number of key benefits:

  • Faster Response/Resolution/Escalation times via the dedicated technical resource
  • Clearer insight into key hardware issues, trending, response times, inventory issues
  • Constant management of adds, moves, changes, deletes and the impact to contracts reduces friction in RMA processes

These services are delivered by installing secure hardware devices which interact via VPN with vendor TAC services to securely communicate on service failures, changes, optimisation activities and more.

Obviously there is a whole lot more detail around these services which make these benefits seamless to our customers. Data#3 utilises various vendor delivered services such as Cisco “Smart Net Total Care” and HP “Integrated Support” to deliver expertise in these services.

To see how these proactive services become part of a larger Maintenance Solution, please contact the maintenance and support specialists at maintenance@data3.com.