Data#3 Wins 2016 Regional VMware Partner Innovation Award

Data#3, a leading Australian technology provider, today announced that it has received the NSX APJ VMware Partner Innovation Award. The company was recognised at the VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2017, held last week in Ranchos Palos Verdes, Calif.

Data<sup>#</sup>3 Wins 2016 Regional VMware Partner Innovation Award

Data#3 National Practice Manager for Security, Richard Dornhart, commented on being recognised, “The team is delighted to win this award, which reflects Data#3’s investment in VMware’s network virtualisation technology, NSX.”

He continued, “NSX helps our customers to be agile and gain efficiencies within their software defined data centres. It decouples security from the physical hardware, allowing the development of granular security policies for individual workloads. This ultimately provides a more secure environment and removes much of the management overhead for already stretched IT teams, allowing them to focus on core business and innovation projects.”

“We look forward to continuing to partner with VMware and helping customers to navigate this complex era of digital transformation,” concluded Dornhart.

Data#3 is a VMware Premier Solutions Provider Partner, the highest level of partner status in Australia.