Data#3 increases dividend 11% to 20 cents following record interim profit

Outstanding revenue growth underpins substantial increase in market share

BRISBANE, Australia – 23 February 2009 – Data#3 Limited [ASX:DTL] today declared a record interim profit with the announcement of results for the half year ending December 2008. Following an increase of 9% in the after tax earnings for the first half over the previous corresponding period, the Board of Directors of Data#3 Limited declared a fully franked interim dividend of 20.0 cents per share to be paid on 31 March 2009.

“We are delighted to continue the run of ‘best ever’ performances we have delivered over the past six years. The interim dividend of 20 cents per share is an 11% increase on the previous corresponding period and, in an increasingly challenging market, indicative of the inherent resilience of our diverse and customer focussed business. The outlook is difficult to predict as shareholders would understand, however it remains our intention to do all that we can to at least equal the earnings result of the previous year and to remain strongly positioned for an improving market.” commented Richard Anderson, Chairman of Data#3.

Financial Highlights

  1H 2008/09 $’000 1H 2007/08 $’000 % Change
Revenue by area of specialisation:      
Software Licensing Solutions $116,502 $62,371 +87%
Infrastructure Solutions $91,918 $73,575 +25%
People Solutions $21,055 $20,779 +1%
Other revenue $537 $583  
Total Revenue $230,012 $157,308 +46%
Total gross margin $40,017 $32,010 + 25%
Gross margin percentage 17.4% 20.4%  
EBITDA $5,880 $5,054 + 16%
NPBT $5,856 $5,314 +10%
NPAT $4,040 $3,713 +9%
Earnings per share 26.16 cents 23.92 cents +9%
Dividend per share 20.0 cents 18.0 cents +11%

Commentary on Performance

For the company overall:

  • Total revenue grew by 46% to $230 million
  • The overall gross margin decreased from 20.4% to 17.4%, reflecting the larger relative proportion of lower margin software licensing revenue
  • No interest bearing debt
  • EBITDA increased by 16% to $5.9 million
  • Net profit after tax increased by 9% to $4.0 million
  • Basic earnings per share increased 9% to 26.16 cents
  • Dividends per share increased 11% to 20.0 cents, representing a 76% payout.

For our areas of specialisation:

  • Software Licensing Solutions strengthened market leadership with outstanding revenue growth of 87% over the previous corresponding period to $116.5M
  • Infrastructure Solutions grew revenue 25% over the previous corresponding period to $91.9M with strongest growth in datacentre computing, contract product procurement and managed services
  • People Solutions grew revenue 1% over the previous corresponding period to $21.1M, with growth constrained by the deteriorating external recruitment market.

“Our performance in this first half has once again been nothing short of excellent particularly in the light of the external economic environment and its broad market impact,” said Data#3’s Managing Director John Grant. “Looking forward to the second half, our view is framed by the potential impact of a much less predictable business environment on the traditional seasonality in our profit toward the second half (2008: 43%/57%) and even more pointedly, toward the fourth quarter. In considering this, our objectives for the full year are firstly to provide dividends to shareholders of at least 46 cents per share, and secondly to at least equal the earnings result of the previous year. Our first half result and forward estimates support this position. We can be no more specific at this time as we believe there is no precedent to the current economic situation. Our commitment is to keep shareholders appraised should our view change.”

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