Data#3 Focus On Customers’ Information Security Awarded By Sophos

July 20, 2011; Brisbane, Australia: Today, Data#3 announced it has been presented the Australian Large Account Reseller of the year award by Sophos. The award is made to a Sophos partner that best demonstrates innovative design and implementation of data security strategy for its customers.

Data#3’s National Vendor Manager, George Rodgers, accepting the award at the Sophos 2011 APAC Partner Conference in the Philippines

“We have a strong focus on helping our customers grasp new business opportunities through technology,” said Laurence Baynham, Data#3 Group General Manager. “It is critical that this is done in a manner that does not compromise the security of their valuable information assets.”

The value of data owned by organisations is immense and this asset needs to be protected in the face of rapidly changing risks. “With the wealth of resources and expertise that 34 years of experience in IT brings, Data#3 is ideally positioned to assess a customer’s environment in order to devise the most secure solution. Our relationship with Sophos gives us access to some key components of those solutions and further enhances the options we can offer our customers,” said Baynham.

With new technology consumption models such as cloud computing in the spotlight, many organisations are finding it necessary to revisit their security strategies. “Whether moving to the cloud or following another strategy, any data security plan needs to constantly be assessed and updated. Data#3 has the right toolkit to meet the new challenges emerging as businesses and their environments evolve,” said Baynham.

A valued part of that toolkit, Sophos is relied upon by more than a hundred million computer users in 150 countries to protect their information assets. Their twenty years of experience and their consideration for products that reduce the management burden of security makes Sophos products a critical element in many solutions developed for Data#3 customers.

“Our partnership with Data#3 continues to thrive year on year and we value their effort and dedication in working with Sophos. Data#3 has an excellent reputation in the market and is clearly committed to providing their customers with solutions and services for better business enablement – and we commend them for their success,” said Rob Forsyth, Managing Director, Sophos Asia Pacific.

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