Data#3 wins award for Best Investor Relations

Data#3, a leading Australian technology provider, is proud to announce that it was presented with an ASX-sponsored award for Best Investor Relations by a Company in the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index. The award was presented to the company by the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA).

Data#3 CFO and Company Secretary, Brem Hill, commented, “I am extremely proud to collect this award on behalf of Data#3. We are genuinely honoured that Data#3 was nominated for this award, and it’s a great endorsement to be recognised by AIRA in this forum.”

Voted on by a group of fund managers and analysts, the following criteria were taken into consideration for the award: accessibility of senior management; consistency of communication; transparency; and diligence in communication, such that the overall message of the company was communicated effectively and clearly and the market was kept fully informed of its progress and prospects.

Founded in February 2001 by a broad steering committee of investor relations professionals across major Australian and New Zealand companies, the AIRA was established to provide listed entities with a single voice in the public debate on corporate disclosure issues and to improve the skills and professionalism of its members. AIRA’s mission is to advance the awareness of, and best practice in, investor relations in Australasia and thereby improve the relationship between listed entities and the investment community.

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