November 09, 2020

8 tips for optimising your Azure environment

Joel Neff
Azure Solution Specialist

95% of Azure cloud customers have room for improvement

Microsoft Azure remains the fastest growing public cloud1 – and for good reason. The Azure intelligent cloud continues to deliver on the promise of cost savings, security, flexibility and scalability.

However, these benefits are only realised when Azure is done right. Too often, organisations don’t adequately prepare for their Azure implementation, lack in-house skills or fail to understand the differences between on-premises and cloud computing. This can lead to cost blowouts, inefficiencies, or even security issues, potentially resulting in crippling shutdowns2.

After completing hundreds of Azure Health Checks, Data#3 has discovered that very few organisations have a clean Azure bill of health, while 95% have room for improvement.

The good news is that most issues can be fixed, and will lead to immediate cost savings and security improvements. To aid with the journey, Data#3’s cloud experts have compiled 8 Tips for Optimising your Azure Environment.

To support your cloud journey, Data#3 offers Azure Readiness and Foundation services for organisations new to Azure intelligent cloud. For organisation already set up in Azure, Data#3 offers a fast Azure Health Check service to achieve both cost savings and security improvements.

As an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider with all Azure expertise in Australia, Data#3 can support you at any stage of your digital transformation journey.

Contact a Data#3 Azure specialist if you need assistance with Azure Remediation tasks.