Symantec Cloud Security Threat Report 2019

Adapting to the New Reality of Evolving Cloud Threats

Today’s fast growing hybrid IT environment challenges the basic principles of information risk and security management. Symantec surveyed 1,250 security decision makers earlier this year to understand the shifting cloud security landscape, and the risks associated with this new reality.

Download Symantec’s Cloud Security Threat Report to learn more about:

  • the scope of shadow IT and shadow data usage
  • the maturity of security practices as enterprises transition to the cloud
  • a useful roadmap for your cloud security future.

CSTR 2019

Providing secure services on infrastructure you can’t always trust or control is the new security paradigm. Organisations large and small need to take a more vigilant and proactive approach to IT security. Our expert team is here to help you – contact us today.

Tags: Cloud, Security, Symantec, Shadow IT, Cybersecurity, Cloud Security, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Notifiable Data Breach (NDB), Hybrid IT, CASB 2.0


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