October 14, 2020

Emerging digital transformation trends in Australia & New Zealand’s K-12 education

2020 has turned out to be a very different year than expected – arguably nowhere more so than in the education sector. Education is evolving at a faster pace than any other time in history, as COVID-19 has forced educators to rethink and reprioritise digital transformation plans to enable learning.

What does the future hold for digital transformation within schools, and what do school leaders need to take into consideration in order to effectively plan for its implementation?

Recently released, this Cisco Meraki ebook discusses the crucial questions to address, and how to respond to key digital transformation challenges:

  • Where is digital transformation headed for Australian schools?
  • The road map to digital transformation in education
  • The key challenges associated with digital transformation in the local education sectors and how should you respond.

Does your school’s learning environment make the grade?

Digital transformation can be rife with challenges, make sure your network isn’t one of them. As the foundation for any digital learning environment, the network must be high performance, continuously available and secure. For schools with limited budget, staff, and time, Meraki’s portfolio of cloud-managed IT solutions fit the bill.

Data#3 is a Cisco Gold Partner with a 25+ year history of supporting Australian schools. Get in touch with our friendly team to understand how Meraki can support your school’s digital learning environment.