Customer Story: IMDEX

IMDEX Transforms Mining Operations by Digging Deep Into Data

Key Challenges

IMDEX ’s teams needed a tool to manage exorbitant amounts of data from multiple systems, making it difficult to avoid downtime and secure their infrastructure.

Key Results
By automating monitoring on a 24/7 basis, Splunk helps IMDEX’s teams address issues proactively, cutting costs and keeping mining operations as safe as possible.

Data-Driven Outcomes

  • 80% less time spent managing logs from multiple systems
  • 600+ employees whose safety was prioritised during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 24/7 automated monitoring to resolve issues faster and avoid financial penalties from service downtime

“Being able to give time back to our resident analyst has been very rewarding. It means we’ve spent more time collaborating on projects designed to improve everything from security to customer experience.”

Sameera Bandara, Information Security Manager, IMDEX

Unearthing and managing data is no easy task.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, IMDEX is a leading global mining tech company whose solutions keep mining operations around the world running smoothly and safely. No stranger to using technology, IMDEX supplies real-time geological data and other critical information to drilling contractors and resource companies.

However, its own teams needed a system to manage large amounts of data in their day-to-day operations. IMDEX needed a way to consolidate its multiple systems and tools to get a holistic, real-time view of all its data. As a result, the organization partnered with Data#3, an Australian IT services and solutions provider, to start using Splunk to transform its operations.

Making Every Second Count

IMDEX’s teams use a multitude of systems and operational, informational and security tools for their daily operations. With an overwhelming amount of information to sift through, they often faced bottlenecks and delays, and it was especially difficult to determine the root cause of an issue when incidents arose.

At IMDEX, these delays come at a cost. When applications malfunction and customers experience service downtime, IMDEX faces financial penalties if the issues aren’t fixed quickly enough. And in this line of work, delays and incidents could be perilous, affecting the safety of mining operations.

The organization turned to Splunk and partnered with Data#3 to consolidate its system logs, giving its teams a holistic view of data in real time, freeing up 80% of their time to focus on driving innovation and fixing issues in advance, instead of wasting hours resolving errors while downtime drags on. Splunk helped automate IMDEX’s systems, providing reports and flagging potential security issues so its teams can proactively resolve issues.

Before Splunk, IMDEX’s teams had to monitor their services manually, which was incredibly time-consuming. Thanks to Splunk, IMDEX has automated monitoring to keep tabs on its systems 24/7. If any services slow down, alerts are proactively shared with team members who can then address the issue immediately. What’s more, Splunk has helped IMDEX store all its machine data centrally and save on storage capacity expenses by more effectively categorizing and allocating its data.

“Our collaboration with IMDEX and Splunk is a great example of how a well-built security platform that harnesses the power of data can reduce risk, cut costs and even generate revenue, oftentimes with benefits well beyond cybersecurity.”

Ameen Al-Majzoub, Security Sales Specialist, Data#3

Prioritizing Employee Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Following a tough 2020 for all, IMDEX quickly turned its attention and resources to returning its workforce at Perth back to the office as safely as possible. Following government guidelines on capped numbers and social distancing, the team used Splunk to manage and monitor the number of employees returning to the Perth office through employee swipe card access logs. IMDEX not only tracked the number and location of employees in real time, but also captured relevant contact tracing data to adhere to strict government COVID-19 regulations.

Fine-Tuning and Fraud Fighting

IMDEX is doing even more with Splunk, collaborating with Data#3 to explore how they can use Splunk to fine-tune other processes, such as looking for any fraudulent transactions. The team gets alerts if any suspicious behavior occurs — such as duplicate invoicing, asset write-offs or other erroneous transactions — so they can take immediate action. Moving forward, IMDEX is exploring additional ways to use data to bolster security, stave off ever-evolving cyberattacks and improve the customer experience for success today and tomorrow.

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