Smarter student relationships with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Universities are leveraging CRM technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver efficiency, productivity and the platform needed to consolidate data for closer, smarter student relationships. This second wave of digital transformation in tertiary education is enabling institutions to:

  • Boost student engagement with intelligent recruitment strategies
  • Personalise student/ institution relationships to reduce the common financial focus
  • Nurture alumni and industry networks to better secure scholarships, work experience and mentoring opportunities
  • Drive donations through smart automation.

The following video series demonstrates how universities can turn data into insights to attract, retain and nurture students for success.

Personalised student profiles

Deliver personalised learning experiences by congregating student data from all departments, systems and sources.


Student portals

See how the student experience is enhanced through Microsoft Dynamics 365 portals.


Cases, requests, and ticketing

Explore the dashboard that streamlines enquiries from faculty, administration, students, alumni and more.


Knowledgebase for efficient self-service

View the system designed to reduce enquiries by allowing everyone to self-service issues.


Learn more here about Microsoft Dynamics and how you can enable limitless learning with The Anywhere Classroom today.

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