Three things our blog readers told us in 2015.

By Alex Barbieri, Senior Marketing Specialist, Data#3Windows 10

Looking back on 2015, there are a few ways we identify what was most important to our customers. One of those is to take a look at our most popular blogs. We have covered a lot of ground in the last twelve months with our experts, sharing their insights on Cloud, Mobility and Business Productivity. From your fantastic feedback, you told us that there were three things you found most interesting:

Windows 10, Windows 10 and Windows 10! Our three most popular blogs of 2015 were all about Microsoft’s newest operating system.

  1. Eight reasons to upgrade to Windows 10
  2. Windows 10 Business Store: Improving the way your organisation purchases, manages and deploys applications
  3. Why upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Our Services Teams saw this first hand working with you, our customers. Not only has Windows 10 caught the attention of IT professionals, but also business customers outside of the IT department. Driven by new capabilities, new devices and increased mobility, knowledge workers want Windows 10’s new features to enhance their productivity.

This came as no surprise to us, as one of the most enthusiastic groups for our own Windows 10 pilot was the Marketing Team. Chris Sweeney, Consultant – Professional Services, Data#3, commented, “I am currently engaged in a Windows 10 deployment for a large State Government agency. We’ve got end users figuratively banging down our doors to get on board the pilot within the customer. Not only with the operating system, but the new devices that allow for more convenient mobility, such as the Surface Pro 4.”

Early impressions have been good, and as new build releases further refine and add features, the interest has continued to grow. It’s not without it’s challenges though. As Jeffery Cook, Solution Consultant – Professional Services, Data#3, points out, “The change to rapid cycles for release and end of support will force organisations to review their current process and procedures.”

In 2016 you can look forward to hearing more from our experts on how Windows 10 is being adopted, and how you can take advantage in your organisation.

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