How to tackle human threat through identity management

By Richard Dornhart, National Security Practice Mananger, Data#3

[Reading time: 1 min]

I recently came across a very interesting article discussing how identity management can be key to protecting your company from cybersecurity breaches. It’s critical that companies need to know who has access to their applications and systems at every stage.

The article states that last year, 1,400 data loss events took place, releasing 169 million records, predominately as a result of somebody within a company doing something he or she was not supposed to do. When you consider the fact that globally, companies could potentially be managing over a billion points of data access, it’s easy for any organisation, large or small, to suffer from security breaches.

Personally, I agree that network security alone is no longer sufficient, and that hackers are using more sophisticated techniques for breaking through our existing security defences.

Security strategies need to focus on the human element within an organisation. Businesses need to secure user identities by developing an identity management strategy that manages identity at all levels within an organisation. Only then will you know who has access to what.

A good read for technology executives looking to protect their most important information can be found here – http://www.information-age.com/technology/security/123461173/how-understand-human-threat-through-identity-management

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