Surface Go 3: the perfect device for young learners

During the last two years of interrupted learning, educators and administrators have worked hard to innovate beyond the classroom to keep students engaged at home.

Despite all the upheaval, one thing is certain: schools are emerging from the crisis better than they were before. They have learned what works, what doesn’t – and what needs to be put in place should the unexpected happen again. Amongst these learnings is the importance of students having access to a device versatile enough to handle whatever their curriculum requires – whether they’re in the classroom, on the playground, home, or anywhere in between.

Against this backdrop comes the release of the Surface Go 3, Microsoft’s ultra-portable 2-in-1 device that’s perfect for students. It not only provides benefits in the classroom – such as secure access to critical learning applications – but also supports distance learning, with easy access to remote collaboration tools and a form factor that flexes with the learning activity.

In this blog, I’ll highlight what’s new in the third generation of the Surface Go, what has stayed the same, and how it further enhances the digital classroom.

Introducing the Surface Go 3

What’s new:

  • Faster than before with a 10th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor
  • Optional 4G LTE Advanced for easy and secure connectivity
  • Ships with Windows 10 or Windows 11 out of the box
  • Firmware-level remote management with a Microsoft open-source UEFI
  • An hour extra battery life with 11 hours to last through the school day and beyond
  • Tiny increase in weight, starting at just 544 grams (without accessories)

The much-loved Surface Go features that have remained the same:

  • 5” touchscreen that’s compatible with the Surface Pen
  • Thin and light design, with 2-in-1 form factor
  • Affordable price tag for education
  • Touchscreen and digital inking for natural writing and drawing
  • Zero-touch deployment and one-click device management
  • Includes a USB-C® port
  • Wi-Fi 6 AX with Bluetooth 5.0 and optional LTE
  • Firmware-level remote management with a Microsoft open-source UEFI

The Go 3 standout features built for The Anywhere Classroom

A generous bump in processing power

With only incremental form, display and connectivity iterations, the Go 3’s most notable change is in its impressive hardware specs. You can choose between the faster Intel Pentium Gold or Intel Core i3 processor and up to 8GB of RAM. This means that while the Go 3 isn’t made to run multiple complex apps, it has more than enough computing power to support students through everyday tasks such as video conferencing, word processing, collaborating, running learning apps, and browsing the web.

Along with a processing increase, the battery life has been boosted to support up to 11 hours – meaning it can easily get students through the schooling day without having to recharge. And if they forget to recharge overnight, its fast-charging capabilities can get students back online in no time.

The loved-by-kids form factor

The Surface Go has always appealed to younger students and it’s easy to see why. It’s the perfect size for small hands and big ideas. The 2-in-1 form means it can easily be used as a tablet, laid flat to draw and play interactive games. When needed, the optional Surface Type Cover magnetically attaches to the touchpad to turn the tablet into a mini laptop, ready for classroom work or assignments. As a third option, students can detach the Type Cover and use the kickstand to prop the Go 3 up on a desk and watch a presentation or attend a class remotely. Whatever the course content, the Surface Go 3 can quickly morph its form to suit.

The Go 3 is small and lightweight, too. Starting at just 544 grams, it’s easy for students to carry, or slide it into their schoolbag for transporting between home and school.

Remote learning experiences come to life

With an enhanced dual far-field Studio microphone, 5 MP front-camera and 8 MP rear camera – both with 1080p HD video – the Go 3 gives teachers and students a seamless collaboration experience for better remote learning. Paired with Microsoft Teams, the classes become even more engaging for young minds.

Go accessories for education

Now to accessorise. The Go 3 is compatible with a wide range of Surface’s most popular accessories including:

  • Lightweight and portable Surface Mobile Mouse.
  • Surface Go Signature Type Cover with backlit keyset and a large trackpad. Available in ice blue, poppy red, platinum, and black.
  • Surface Pen with precision ink on one end and an eraser on the other – with virtually no lag, meaning it feels as natural as writing on paper.
  • Surface Headphones with adjustable noise cancellation for deep concentration.
  • Covers and sleeves for extra protection in excited hands and the unknown depths of school backpacks.

Explore the full range of Surface Go 3 accessories here.

Other notable features

  • Reliable connectivity – When Wi-Fi issues are disrupting learning, students can stay connected virtually anywhere with the optional 4G LTE Advanced.
  • Windows 11 – Which features a fresh feel, intuitive navigation, new tools to optimise screen space, and helpful integrations with Outlook and Calendar.
  • Secure, remote management – The Go 3 offers zero-touch deployment, one-click device management and advanced protection to keep students safe.

Surface Go 3 – the wrap

While this latest generation mainly focussed on processing enhancements, the Surface Go 3’s careful balance of power, portability, connectivity, battery life and affordability continues to make it the logical choice for K-6 school fleets.

And thankfully, the Intel Core™ i3 processor isn’t subject to the current chipset shortage, so stock is ready and available.

Order the Surface Go 3 for your school today

The Surface Go 3 is available now, so reach out to our team for a quote or to place an order. We will have demonstration units of the Go 3 available for you to trial soon. Contact us today to reserve a device!

As Microsoft’s largest Australian partner, Data#3 is your go-to expert to support you through the entire device lifecycle – from sourcing, deployment, and warranties to training, adoption and support services.

To learn more about the Surface Go 3, request a demo device, or place an order, get in touch with a Data#3 Microsoft Specialist today.

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