October 07, 2020

Recoverability is key – reliably recover cloud data with this one best practice

In the Veritas team, we’ll often assert with a smile, “The cloud is really just a bunch of computers,” a statement made comical both by its accuracy and oversimplification. Today, the cloud is a lot of things – it’s everywhere. Many of us engage the cloud at numerous points in our day-to-day lives without even considering the interplay between our clicks, swipes, and taps, and a digital reality hosted elsewhere.

Along with the ubiquitous nature of cloud, we’ve witnessed an increased reliance on cloud-native data protection. And although the built-in offerings of service providers are becoming more and more robust, they’re not fail-proof. Even with notable gains in cloud-based everything, it’s still fallible technology.

Your business needs better than basic

Cloud providers frequently provide a basic, one-size-fits-all backup to calm the nerves of administrators and business leaders. These solutions are not built for longevity or scale—or really anything beyond the provider’s platform. Simply put, they will not support the complete backup needs of the modern enterprise.

Backup is only part of the equation

Availability and recovery are equally as important as backup, with each supporting an organisation’s ability to deliver consistent, reliable data-driven experiences. In the Veritas Truth in Cloud Report, we discovered a disparity between the data recoverability needs of cloud architects and administrators and their abilities. Although most respondents want to recover data at least 10 years old, only 13 percent can do so within the bounds of their current cloud solutions.

The best, best practice: A hybrid platform approach

The best, best practice accounts and allows for where your organisation stands today. The reality? The market is hybrid, and it’s likely your IT system is, too. A hybrid platform approach allows your systems administrators to harness the power of the full gamut of IT technologies, while resisting the complexity presented by a mess of single-solution point products.

At Veritas, we believe availability, protection, and recovery of critical systems is best achieved with a platform approach – one that works across physical, virtual and cloud; one able to effectively meet the needs of your now and future business, meeting growth with scalability.

Today’s enterprises demand dependability given uptime and user experience commitments made to customers. So, although cloud vendors will offer you a good enough backup program, remember: Good enough is not enough, when it comes to the operation of your business.

You can check out our Veritas Cloud Solutions webpage with a showcase of the Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP) and find the full 2019 Truth in Cloud Report there. There are two additional blog posts on the Truth in Cloud report from Veritas that you may like to read:

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