Paradigm Shifts – How can you prepare for the year ahead?

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Remember the days when the extent of a cyberattack was defacing a website for fun, or encrypting a single user’s files? I do. Remember when DDoS attacks were we measured in Gbps?

Today, we have a major vulnerability (memcache) affecting thousands of servers on the internet allowing attackers to launch a record 1.3Tbps attack on Github, and cyber criminals extorting with anything they can exploit – including cryptocurrency, email compromise and phishing, IoT devices and traditional attacks.

When we add the arrival of Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws, the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation legislation, proliferation of IoT devices, machine learning abuse and digital extortion attacks, it will prove to be an interesting year in security.

Against the backdrop of a continuing business drive to use ‘digital’ as an enabler in 2018, vulnerabilities in IoT devices will expand the attack surface, as devices get further woven into the fabric of smart environments everywhere. The age of fake news and cyberpropaganda will persist. Machine learning and blockchain applications will pose both promises and pitfalls. Not only will enterprises be riddled with vulnerabilities, but loopholes in internal processes will also be abused for production sabotage.

These are the threats that have and will continue to make inroads in the 2018 landscape, showing the paradigm shift and reinforcing the need to redefine how we look at security.

To learn more about these key cybersecurity trends and implications, join my session at JuiceIT. It’ll be packed full of best practice advice to help you understand the anatomy of the new paradigm and walk away with a full threat defence strategy that can help prevent, detect and respond to today’s evolving threat landscape.

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