Is Office 365 email security flexible enough for your needs?

By Rich Turner, Product Marketing Manager, Barracuda Networks

Companies forget just how many years it took to build up their lists of blocked and allowed senders. Email names can trigger spam alerts, mimic blocked words, and email which should be delivered, winds up in a spam folder.

Office 365 requires you to troll through volumes of blocked mail to find those “false positives” and validate them – there’s currently no ability to upload your existing blocked and allowed lists, so you’re starting from scratch.

Worse, “ham” emails (emails that are user-opted subscriptions to bulk email) are automatically blocked by Office 365, so you will either have a lot of disgruntled users or be permitting unwanted spam while you slowly rebuild your lists.  You might want to rethink relying solely on built-in Exchange Online Protection in favor of a more flexible email security solution.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a great product and making tremendous strides in the market, but to keep your demanding users ecstatic—you’ll need more. Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 includes multi-layer security, backup/restore, and archiving for compliance that compliment your Office 365 investment.

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